Theismann-"Disgrace to the Game"/"Joe Offside

Why is Joe trying to harsh his buzz?

Cause he's an arrogant sob.

I agree with JT 100%

I agree with Joe T. If this was Ricky's "second" chance it would be different. But this is his 5th or 6th chance, no more. He had also retired once too. He obviously does not care about football. He will totally screw over the Dolphins contact agreements too.

I agree with JT as well. And as Kman7 said, its not his second chance, he’s on his fourth!

ok JT is a tool..he complained about CFl not haveing a drug policy...what a hypocrite..JT works for ESPN and Michael Irvin does to and they found a bong in Michael Irvins what about the ESPNs drug policy there eh JT....what a tool, go abck into yuor hole and shut up.what he said was so rude and ro1313 if ricky played for the birds yuo would change ur tune in a pumped to see such a talented player in commonwealth

WOW , and all of the EX-FELONS who still play in the NFL are not a disgrace? The NFL is full of ex cons , who were guilty of rape , staroid use , wife beating , ...And all WILLIAMS did was smoke POT.

Again , for all of the people who are condemming Willians , some of the CFL other teams have had NFL ex-cons and suspeneded NFLer's on their teams , like WINNIPEG , MONTREAL , ect...

MR. L. TALYOR , adimited he used cocaine all of his NFL pro career.


Agree with you hellothere. And yes Joe is a arrogant tool.

Bill Clinton smoked pot.....

Didn't the ARGOS sign JOE to sell tickets? :lol: :thup:

Yes Yes RNR You know exactly what I am thinking

welll ur precious birds cant do no wrong in ur books so Ricky would be ''a guy that needs another chance'' if he was a bird

You base this on what?

Joe was signed away from and guess, by coincedence the Miami Dolphins. He came out of Notre Dame and the great Argo coach Leo Cahill was the reason. Plus back then he got more money to come to Canada.
As a kid, I remember JT the same as now, an arrogant SOB.

Sounds like Joe was having a bad day.

I have no problem with Ricky coming to Canada to play ball. If the worse thing this guy does in life is smoke a little weed, i for one can live with it.

I agree with JT!

You agree, I agree
That means we agree!

Wow that might be a first a kodak momment Cheese now snap! Hey your a mod you are suppose to agree on everything! AH do not go there!

this is all i have to say…Well where to start… 1. This is not Ricky’ Second Chance this isn’t even his 3rd or 4th chance those have already come and gone a long time ago for him. This is his last chance and maybe the Argos as well. If it was a second chance no problem but this is a guy that has known he was going to be tested and still CHOSE to break the rules and let down his teammates, fans, family and friends. I didn’t say himself as he obviously made that choice a long time ago. Last time I checked Pot is still illegal in both Canada and the USA. 2. Joe may have said things in a manner that offends some of the left handed smoking liberals in this country but for anyone that thinks the laws regarding Pot should be reinstated and actually enforced, I for 1 will stand and applaud. The CFL should also create an aggresive Drug and Social Conduct Policy. 3. Ricky already tried to beat a Drug, read as Pot, suspension enforced by the NFL by retiring. Remind what happened there, he got caught, instead of standing up and taking the consequences of his action ran in to retirement. The only reason he came out of retirement was to pay back the Dolphins the signing bonus that he blew on Pot and who knows what else. The only reason he is even willing to come to the CFL is that he was given in excess of $200000.00 to play for them and will be able to continue to make payments to the Dolphins and have enough cash to live off of. The guy is a joke he is an incredibly talented athlete that just keeps pissing away the talent he has and more importantly letting his teammates down for own personal reasons. Football is the ultimate in team sports and if your teammates can’t trust you and count on you all of the time, both on the field and off then you will fail. I hope Ricky has overcome his addiction as that is what it is no matter what anyone wants to say. Pot may not have a chemical/physical addiction but there sure seems to be a psychological one at play. My biggest worry is that if he tests positive how do the Argos and subsequently the rest of the CFL by association recover from it. Financially the rest teams in the league have already had to rescue the Argos once and I hope that they take same approach they did with Ottawa when this publicity stunts backfires in their collective faces. I am saddened that the CFL even allowed this façade to be explored any further then gossip and speculation. Thank you Argos for again showing why the CFL still remains considered a 2nd rate league by everyone south of the border.

sorry for the length lol

Good post he has been caught 4 times. I would say the guy is either not bright or could care less. Hmm a great guy to be head lining your football team. Ah what the heck there is lots of libs in the greater Toronto area! They will love him! We should be wondering when he will get busted in Canada!