The York Report

I am not sure how many Torontonians there are on this forum, but our beloved Marty York writes a column for the free commuter paper called "Metro" (

In addition to the paper version, he publishes a CFL report throughtout the week on the Metronews website. I read it this morning and you have to see for yourself.

He picked Hamilton to win the East and for Calgary to defeat Hamilton in the Grey Cup!

Lets hope he doesn't jinx us like last year!

  • paul

ps. The article is found here

Do quote C3P0"Where Doomed"
York Picked us last year and it we Where Awfull.

Please Marty Change your Pick to Toronto
Curse them Please..

At the end of his article his week one picks were interesting.

The BC Toronto game the odds are for BC by 4 points. He agrees with BC winning but not by that many points. He was right.

The Calgary Hamilton game, the odds are for Calgary by 10 points.

I will let you read the article for the rest.


The Metro News is in every city in Canada - Mary Yorks column appears in every one. I've been reading it here in Ottawa for over a year.

My apologies mikem, that really wasn't the part of the post I was hoping people would focus on.

  • paul

ps. There are more than six cities in Canada, Hamilton being one that doesn't get Metro.