The year of the comeback QB?

Is this the year we see a QB to come off the shelf to be the Grey Cup MVP? Michael Bishop is playing his heart out in Winnipeg and has the Bombers in the hunt for a home playoff game - not only that he has shown he can beat the Als. Casey Printers looked downright scarey Saturday night. Kevin Glenn in Hamilton is throwing the lights out - from has been backup to starter. All these guys are proving they still got what it takes.

…i hadn’t read this post but said much the same in the Printers thread…great insight dust… :thup: :lol:

Who else is there besides Bishop? Burris has been the starter in calgary all year as has Durrant in saskatchewan, Printers is more of a stopgap measure than anything else in BC until one of their main guys is healthy, Ray is the Eskimos and Glenn while not a starter initially was in no way a guy coming off the shelf he was with the team from the get go and was used quite a bit in the early going.

So if youre asking whether Bishop could lead a team to a grey cup I would say probably not given how inconsistent he is and his win against the als came with 3 starters on defence out of the lineup in key positions and a 4th one leaving the game early. It was also a team that was playing without Calvillo on offense which would affect the bombers time of possession

Bishop still managed to throw for 411 yards and the team scored 41 points against a first string defence. I admit it's not the same as playing against the Al's when there is something on the line. I guess we'll see next week if Bishop and the Bomber's offence are the real deal.

The only comeback QB at this point that should even be in the discussion should be Kevin Glenn. Casey Printers has played one game, and Michael Bishop has been horrific. Even with his game against the Als in the books, he's still tossed 4 more interceptions than touchdowns and is sitting at below a 53% completion percent. You can spin it anyway you want, the numbers do all the talking.

Possibly but I doubt it would have been much different because the Als defense couldn't stop the Bombers offense.

all i can say about this is Printers i always said that he still has the talent to win and i still think Kelly was nuts not picking him up, he just might regret it come next year? Bishop is going know where don't kid yourself, Bishop played an Als team that was without Anthony and without anything to play for, Bombers were playing desperate and Als it meant nothing, this is always a goodtime to beat good teams like that Ti Cats almost did it, When the game means something then we can rave about the Bombers and Bishop, they did play well though, but lets see down the stretch when both teams are fighting for that playoff spot and how good they really are, warning to Bomber fans when Bishop has a big game usually his next is a stinker. good luck down the stretch its going to be interesting

Printers needs a certain kind of coach to be successful. Wally is that coach.

I don't think any other team should be sorry they didn't pick him up, because I don't think he can perform under every system.

Some QBs need a certain coach and system to win. Hell, look at Kerry Joseph in TO. They just don't know how to utilize the poor guy.

I agree, I don't think Toronto or Winnipeg would have had much success with Printers as they would have had to rush him and put too much pressure on him. Printers looked good against the Riders but his receivers helped him out big time. He did a great job avoiding the sack but there were a number of plays that could have just as easily been interceptions as the one Patrick picked off.

The only QBs I see right now that has a shot at being Grey Cup MVP is AC of Montreal, or Durant of Saskatchewan. Both have had a great year, and I don't see (besides Calgary but Burris hasn't been the best) any other team beating them out.

Bishop is definably a candidate for most improved player.

I think it is much more important that there be a system. Period.

There hasn't been much of a system or consistent personnel and coaching in Hamilton or Toronto the last couple of years. I think Printers would light it up in Saskatchewan, Calgary or Montreal because of the consistency in those organizations.

And Durant has more ints than TDs. For some reason though he seems to bring it when it really matters. He has certainly showed an MVP type attitude and leadership on the field, and his stats are respectable. Just needs to get rid of the Int bug with more experience. For the most part though, I'm really happy with the way DD has played so far. He's definately surpassed the bar I put up for him!

actually Durant has 22 TD's and 20 INT's 8) he needs to get the INT's down especially in the playoffs

Nice work, thanks for that.

Peyton had a TD-INT ratio of 28-26 in his rookie season. Considering this is his first full year starting, I think he's playing pretty well. He'll eventually turn into a good QB. He may not be the next AC, but he'll be good. I'm glad Miller stuck with him.

Wow from an Esks fan :thup:

Yeah, you can't make it to the Grey Cup with that, a high flying semi winner can beat you easy.