The XFL 3.5 and 2023 Plans

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And you can ask all you want for what either does not exist, will not be disclosed, or is subject to all sorts of accounting wizardry anyway, but you will not be getting that.

The matter becomes all about the gate in those cities or not because those other two cities come with considerably higher overhead and operating costs as you and many know.

Now as you like to look at numbers, here's some interesting data on the deal in St. Louis. There is also a linked article within this summary with even more details, but it might be behind a paywall.

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I agree with you on the considerably higher overhead and operating costs. I just wonder what the magnitude of those costs are? How much higher than other cities is it so that this iteration of the XFL just said screw it we are going elsewhere this ain't worth it.

Consider that the XFL 3.5 is an upstart, most any way you slice it, despite the benefit of wisdom from ample failure and from other business success outside of sports ownership.

They chose to trade a doubt for a certainty, which is considerably lower overhead in Florida and in Texas as compared to NYC or Southern California PLUS more pro-business labour laws.

I think this was a prudent decision in at least that regard, but again, in the end what will matter is how much comes in via the gate, advertising pursuant to ratings, sponsorship, merchandise, and all other revenue streams.

I have commented separately to great degree over the years on how Southern California is not a great market for pro sports as far as the gate goes including even for the mighty NFL let alone even viewership ratings for those not on at night as national games.

NYC Metro hosts likely most of the highest costs of operation for a business than anywhere in at least the Lower 48 states.


Yeah So Cal has so much going on there that it is not a great sports market. They have beaches, mountains and about a zillion other things happening along with fantastic weather pretty much year round.

I have seen people wonder why no one puts a team in the Boston or New England footprint and I would also venture it is due to costs of operation and there are not many stadiums up there for rent.


Well we have seen this before with all the spring football experiments but for perhaps the WLAF / NFL Europe / NFL Europa, which was not used hardly by former NFL (or CFL I don't think) players.

I'm not so sure this "Longest Yard" strategy for the XFL for offensive positions, except for perhaps on the line, is a good idea for the XFL 3.5.

The XFL 3.5 is practically its last shot to make outdoor spring football work.

If there is a future, it's with new blood at quarterback or not anyway.

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The quarterback play in the XFL is going to be brutal if Cardale Jones is top of the QB list there. He was terrible. Jones couldn't make the Edmonton Elks roster out of training camp

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Totally agree with you on this one - If this is the top shelf QB this is going to be an ugly season. As a league why not dip into the FCS and Division II QB pool and see what is there? Recycling Cardale Jones is not the answer -

The idea that just because he played at Ohio State means he must have talent is laughable - all QBs that play at Ohio State win ten games just due to the level of talent around them. Ohio State has never produced an elite NFL quarterback. The best Ohio State QB didn't even get drafted; Mike Tomczak signed with the Bears as a free agent in 1985 . Mike Tomczak is the banner carrier for OSU that should tell you something.

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I'm not expecting him to get much playing time. Back up at best, training camp cut victim at worst. The only reason we're hearing anything about it is because every XFL follower knows about his connection to Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Cardale will be lucky to make a roster, let alone start. With that being said, his name still carries some weight in the world of college football, so I get why it's being gently promoted.

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Jones will be pressed into action in that league. But, I don't get the Sonic connection?

The upstart XFL is seeking new equity investors to join the football league coinciding with the launch of play in February. Investment bank PJT Partners has been retained to identify those potential partners.

The XFL is owned by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Dany Garcia and Gerry Cardinale’s RedBird Capital. The group bought the league out of bankruptcy from a Vince McMahon entity two years ago. The trio have been funding the league and are committed to continuing to fund the XFL’s startup efforts, according to a person familiar with the search for new investors, who asked not to be named because the matter is private. The XFL and RedBird Capital had no comment; PJT Partners declined immediate comment.

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The XFL fanboys on reddit said that Red Bird Capital had oodles of money and they invested in money making brands. The Rock is spending his league into a moneypit. I doubt Garcia is putting any money in this venture, the Rock and RBC, sure, but her. not exactly.

I think Edmonton was right about not hooking up with this twice failed league that will fail again

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Don't about the XFL failing yet for the third time but Edmonton was right being against the potential merger as it's still unknown about the XFL at this time.

If the XFL needs investors to launch (as opposed to expansion) then it's time for MLSE to rally the other owners around to step up but contingent on being a 3 down league with the rules mostly kept intact.

This will get the buy in from the more traditional thinking clubs. Even if it's not a merged league have the XFL play February through May and we finally have a second pro 3 down league

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I heard about it after the fact and might have some information wrong but as far as I know Jones was playing well in XFL 2.0, and then he tweeted that he was going to the 2020 Sonic movie. Apparently his play was terrible after that day so the XFL fans mocked him saying that it was a curse/jinx.

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I like the idea of a second 3 down pro league but after Doman put down the spring leagues in the Sekeres and Price interview recently, and Young & Stern made fun of the Rock/XFL on twitter, I see it as a hard sell. Unless that was a snow job for the fans

This can't be a good sign - Hasn't even kicked off and they are scrounging for a cash infusion. Maybe the Alabama League will win the spring football war by default.

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The article I read said that the USFL enlisted "Allen & Co. to help fund expansion in their league. The expansion in question is not added teams; it’s added costs of moving current teams into their cities." There's plenty of red flags in the USFL as well.

This has been standard operating procedure for Redbird so far. They went to the CFL for partnership and now after the CFL said no, they are seeking help from others.