The XFL 3.5 and 2023 Plans

I think this XFL will encounter the same obstacles that Vince's XFL went up against March Madness, the masters, NHL/NBA playoffs, etc. They will have diminishing ratings as their season wears on.

You forgot that the XFL got hit again with a lawsuit. That doesn't look good for the league.

If Allegiant doesn't allow the XFL to play in their stadium, the Rock would have to walk back his statement of playing there. Sam Boyd isn't an alternative because it is a decaying venue. The Rock would have to go to San Diego instead.

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Everyone in the USA is involved in a lawsuit - it is how things work in the USA - If you are not involved in multiple lawsuits you are not doing anything -

I don't think that the XFL is going to implode with March Madness or the other events listed - The XFL will be wrapping up when the NBA/NHL playoffs are getting started. I also think that the XFL fans are back and are motivated as they feel cheated from the way shit ended last go around. I am probably overly optimistic but I think that with ESPN pushing the product and the Rock bringing exposure to the league - I would expect ratings that dwarf what we saw from the USFL last spring.


I disagree, but time will tell. We shall find out in 2023

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When you can arrange all the lodging in one market as well as all the food, yes you can consolidate total such costs and save.

Now how much and whether they are successful we are not to know yet, but yes that is a common plan much as any given consortium or savings plan for large companies that has its preferred hotels, airlines, restaurants, et cetera with discounts for employees on company travel.


I think your summary of these challenges is spot-on.

We will know within three weeks what quality of product is on the field as well as how it is doing much as we did with XFL 1.0 and XFL 2.0. In 2020, XFL 2.0 was not on the right track and the quality of the product was deficient, and then of course the cheerleaders of empty seats and the like via other leagues were able to use the pandemic as the excuse for its failure as more than only I saw coming anyway.

That lawsuit will run its course in the courts, but it won't unravel the entire operation.

Yes on Las Vegas - I do not think it is anywhere near a fait accompli as it seems the XFL are portending with regards to actually playing there at Allegiant. Then again, the NFL has some sway here more than when the Raiders were in Oakland. I would not be surprised at either outcome of such discussions.


For once it seems we agree when you bring up that fake hub league with no fans in the stands! I don't see it as even close, though for sure ESPN has been known to screw up many ventures as well.


Buried in one of the many announcements by the league last week, which I posted above as well, was this note on how the XFL is approaching quarterbacks.

They are doing their homework, scouting, and coaching them EARLY as soon as they can after the final NFL cuts very early in September.

As the quarterback play goes, so will go the league as they have learned from the many spring football failures.

But how they sign also the backups should be a bit chaotic even if they pull off the early signings for quarterbacks, but I suspect they'll throw enough money at the starting eight who are cut from NFL teams and practice rosters so as to have them stick through May 2023.

Quarterbacks in the XFL

The Director of Player Personnel is evaluating quarterbacks and bringing them to the XFL. The league is working out whether they wanted them drafted by teams or marrying them to a specific team. They are hoping to take the same approach as the 2020 XFL by signing eight quarterbacks off the bat to be in the league.

Their pay will be different from other players, but no details as to how much they will be paid. XFL quarterbacks who are assigned or considered higher paid will not be eligible to leave for the NFL until the end of the season or contract. The league expects an announcement on quarterback decisions by September.

An interesting note is how the XFL is emphasizing the development of quarterbacks in their league. They will have quarterback personnel that will work with quarterbacks at least three or four times a month. The focus during these sessions is working on their mechanics on the field and studying film/classroom work off the field.


I also think that the XFL fanbase in those cities is recharged if that makes any sense I get the feeling that they feel cheated by the pandemic even if the leagues financial destruction was well on its way.

I am probably overly optimistic but the XFL seems to be adopting many of the best practices from the AAF, XFL, The Spring League and USFL in regard to season #1 while jettisoning some of the business practices that were catastrophic cash burning elements.

I would like to see how much money the XFL is saving by getting out of LA/NY as well as by using two or three practice facilities in the DFW area. HS practice facilities as opposed to finding something in LA or NY.

I would also like to see the spreadsheet for justification of not going back to LA and NY and picking up Orlando and San Antonio.


A lot of people trash on the XFL having three teams in Texas but I really think that is a solid move due to the travel savings of 38 percent of the leagues travel is on buses. Then throw in the local existing rivalries between the three cities in Texas I am really looking forward to seeing how this XFL experiment works out. If it ends up exploding in a ball of green flame or if it makes it to season two.


How can it be better. The NFL doesn't even have three teams in Texas and they are the freaking NFL.

The travel savings will be eaten up by feeding and housing over 600 people over ten weeks(no pun intended) Expect more USFL Pizza gate controversies like the FOX league

The reason that Texas doesn't have three teams is because Jerry is not going to let another team into the state. Why do you think that Jerry helped get the Raiders to Vegas? Out of the goodness of his heart? Raiders were talking San Antonio and Jerry knew that there was no way that was a good thing for the Cowboys Empire.

Feeding people is a lot cheaper than renting stadiums and setting up shop in NY and LA or flying them coast to coast. Construction companies do it all the time it is called per diem all part of doing business.


It cost money to feed an army. The XFL and USFL players aren't getting a per diem. They are receiving food catered to them in a cafeteria setting. A take or leave it menu

That is even cheaper - You can feed a shitload of people on a budget in a cafeteria - Once again I don't see feeding people as a deal breaker like setting up shop in NY or LA would do. I am sure that someone with some business chops has put together a spreadsheet or two justifying the decisions made on a cost benefit analysis basis.


That's thanks to Jerry Jones for resisting a team in San Antonio (cuts into his profits, so he says)


The NFL doesn't even have a team in New York city!!
Jets and the Giants are New Jersey teams.
The Bills the only NY State team.


3 teams in Texas? Why not. Texas is a very big football crazy state that has warmer weather in late February and early March.


Straight up truth - if Texas were a person and Football was "blow" - Every morning Texas would drag it's ass out of bed and proceed to chop its breakfast on a mirror. Texas would chop three or four rails in the morning just to get moving and ready for the day.


Both New York NFL teams did play in the city at Yankee Stadium, Ebbett's Field. They left for New Jersey for the tax break that state offered to get Giants stadium built.

Now if the CFL put a team in the City of New York in Wein Stadium/Columbia University in Manhattan. They would be the true New York home team


The players don't get healthy alternatives. Nothing but the cheap fatty, high calorie entres'. Someone with some Business chops??? More like pork chops on the menu sitting in a tray of grease

When I played high school football our coaches put us on the GOMAD diet. Gallon of milk a day. My digestive system has yet to recover a full 20 years later