The XFL 3.5 and 2023 Plans

But The Rock didn't pay $15 million. It was split 3 ways between him, Danny, and Gerry Cardniale/Red Bird. Red Bird is professional but not infallible, look at the gong show they're going through trying to acquire AC Milan and Danny Garcia is also part owner of the Staten Island Ferryhawks baseball team. I'm sure The Rock put some of his own money in there, but he's still basically a figurehead. Last I checked he doesn't have a degree in business management. His "investment" will be being the face of the league and doing PR for them. Not too dissimilar than Mike Ditka with the Chicago Rush or Jon Bon Jovi with the Philadelphia Soul. Only John Elway actually invested his own money into his old AFL team, the Colorado Crush. That basically paved the way for him becoming the GM of the Broncos for a number of seasons.


I am starting to think that the XFL might have a shot - they got rid of dead weight NY and LA and went to Orlando and San Antonio I am up in the air with Vegas but I like 7 out of the 8 cities.

I have read that the locals in Vegas have been completely priced out of Raiders tickets - with the nose bleed tickets for Raiders games going for $300 dollars a ticket-


What! Garcia put her alimony cheque as collateral for the XFL??? The Rock might as well used his money to buy the XFL out of bankruptcy court since he can afford to do so on his own.

They are already spending money and haven't played a game yet. I'm not including the expense of initiating "talks" with the CFL. This venture is cutting into his retirement fund because he's 50 and his days of action movies and wrestling are coming to a close shortly

Need the NY and LA markets to get that lucrative TV deal. Without those two large markets makes the XFL a gate driven like the CFL. Explains why the XFL didn't publicly disclose their TV deal with Disney.

The CFL should act fast on Chicago before the USFL or XFL wises up and decides to put a team there

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Not taking any position on this but just wanted to point out that the Rock is the highest paid movie star in the world and his net worth today is conservatively pegged at $800 million. His interest in his tequila company alone may be worth $1 billion. He is close to having enough money to buy an NFL team. He won’t have to worry about his retirement fund diminishing and has more than enough money to float the XFL. I have no idea whether he wants to or will do so but cash isn’t an issue for him.


I like that Naylor is already following this inevitable turn of events between leagues, for I had thought of the timing of this matter a few weeks ago.

As is shaping up in the big picture, it seems like there will be a large pool of players shifting between CFL, XFL should it launch successfully for the first time, and a looming new "premier college" league well in the works on its foundation.

With a larger North American appetite for gridiron football than ever and with very few of even the most talented players making it to the NFL from their youth (years ago we estimated roughly for any given high school player going to college at any level of play that it was a 1 in a million shot to make it three seasons in the NFL), I think these three leagues will shape to offer better opportunities as each adapts and changes as required over the rest of the decade.

Of course there is a whole lot more money at stake than ever as a reward for successful improvements after also the required changes.


Those Rock figures are inflated. I'll wait for the Forbes' evaluations instead.

Tequila is a funny business. It's not a big seller as beer, whiskey or wines. Rocker Sammy Hager started up his own tequila company and sold it, he was under sold by a major tequila brand. Hager said if he held out a bit longer, he would've gotten more.

Celebrities keep working till the day they die because they never put their money away for retirement. Even fronting for an 8 team twice failed football league will drain his assets. You know that old saying "How does a billionaire become a millionaire?, become a CFL owner"

The article says that George Clooney’s tequila company sold for about a billion and it has far less sales than the one the Rock has an interest in. There are also many different sources that estimate his net worth at $800 million or higher. I couldn’t find a Forbes estimate of his net worth but Forbes says he makes about $270 million a year. I think he is probably easily approaching billionaire status.


I'll go with the more credible Forbes estimate. They are more closer to actual value of the Rock. I don't think he's close to being a billionaire, maybe a half billion on a good day at the box office

You would think this would be obvious, but according to a few too many lately mostly on Reddit or Facebook, that gate and community association just don't matter somehow in our virtual reality let alone just plainly for sake of the bottom line. :unamused:

Alternatively, which means zero to fans in any given town,

This past Monday, XFL executives along with members of the Arlington City Government met at Choctaw stadium in front of a packed house to announce the XFL’s home base of operations or “hub” for the next 3 years as the city of Arlington. Players will be housed, fed, and trained in the city of Arlington and will travel to the other seven XFL markets (Seattle, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Houston, Washington D.C., St. Louis, and Orlando) for their weekend matchups as the schedule dictates.

So there, Dany Garcia had to simply state what is otherwise obvious and has been obvious for any successful sports league:

“Well, all our teams are actually playing in their cities. So I think as compared to the USFL, where they played all centrally in their hub, our teams actually will practice here then will disperse to the cities and our coaches will be spending time, and the XFL, we will be committing to our communities and our cities, building relationships, we’ll have staff in our cities.”

“So each one of our cities will have XFL staff developing real relationships. So we won’t see that as a problem.”


And here's how the XFL breaks down for players compared to that hub league with the fake name. It's simply a better deal right out of the gate.

Did I mention that you actually play home games in the actual city or area of your team name?

Player Contract Details

Each player in the XFL will receive a salary of $59,000 for the season with an additional $20,000 of additional benefits. The additional benefits include health insurance, housing, and meals as they are covered by the league. Here is the breakdown of the contract pays for players:

  • At least a one-year contract
  • Total Salary – $59,000
  • $800 per week for players during training camp
  • Players will receive $5000 per game
  • $1000 bonus for winning the game
  • $1500 a week for players who are inactive (they will receive a bonus for their team winning)
  • Playoff bonuses are unknown but will be considered “significant” amounts for winning
  • Contracts won’t be signed prior to the XFL Draft

Another talking point regarding players and their contracts was the NFL Alumni Academy‘s partnership with the XFL. This is designed to have players who are ready to go to replace injured players in the NFL.

There will be a three-week program in Arlington, Texas at Choctaw Stadium where players will receive life skill courses and on-the-field courses to prepare them to play football at any time.

The player pool will be roughly 200-300 players in it. Any player apart of the academy that isn’t on an NFL roster at the end of the season will have the option to opt in to an XFL contract. This is to ensure that they automatically have a spot in the XFL.

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ESPN going all in on the XFL.


This is OT but I'll put it here.

Another 'league' burns to the ground weeks it's supposed to launch

Major League Football (MLFB) Misses Hotel Payment, Players Locked Out Of Rooms, League Shuts Down (

Redbird/Rock can buy their ashes next

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Again the XFL hasn't disclosed what ESPN is paying them? The XFL isn't being transparent on this matter.

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Their traveling costs are going to be very expensive for it's newly formed reboot especially since gas prices have increased despite the hub being in Texas

I read about that news earlier too but decided not to post it, for I thought it was a really bizarre situation and that league has only four teams and strikes me as Beer League All-Stars.

The abandonment of the league by the CEO Frank Murtha sounds well worse than was the AAF or the XFL 2.0.

The player that reached out to Murtha was 26-year-old Cecil Cherry, a former Fan Controlled Football League player and Defensive Player of the Year.

Cherry spoke with OutKick and detailed his communications with Murtha, the mishandling of a league that attracted numerous talents with its pitch and the unfit schedule that players endured for nearly zero pay.

Cherry shared that up until Thursday, players participated in 10 days of practice, with several two-a-days included.

Initially, Cherry assumed he would be earning more than the $50 handed to him for his time on the field — also feeling that he, like many of the MLFB players, gave up steady opportunities to go all in on Murtha’s new league, only to see the operations crumble on Thursday.

Cherry shared that players have maintained full-time jobs and side work, concurrent to their time spent with the league, to keep their football dreams alive. Some players even passed on tryouts with the XFL to join the MLFB. He reached out to Murtha numerous times during Thursday’s event.
numerous times during Thursday’s event.

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Yes their strategy is to consolidate many teams costs to one hub by having all players there for training and room and board, which makes great business sense, but of course like a regular league everybody plays in actual cities.

We'll see how it works out from all their revenue sources beyond whatever Disney / ESPN gave them.

I am not shocked in the last by this outcome - MLFB never struck me as anything other than a ponzi scheme.


True statment but 3/8 of the games will be played in Texas and will be bus travel - Houston, DFW and San Antonio are bus travel distance - I would look at the Texas teams as the core - The Ontario of the XFL - granted 8 vs 9 teams - but still that is the XFL core -

I also think that this one has a shot - ESPN is chumming the waters. And I think that the XFL fans are chomping at the bit and a little bit angry their league died the way it did with the pandemic. Also the XFL ditched NY/LA and Tampa and Picked up Orlando and San Antonio, I am still trying to figure out Vegas but I think the play there is to host the games in Sam Boyd and be the local team. I know the Raiders are in town but those tickets are way out of the price range of the people that work and live in Vegas.

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Are they really saving money? It's going to cost the Rock to feed and house those players for 10 weeks.

"Can you eat what the Rock is cooking!" LOL! Maybe he can provide old, smelly mattresses for the his players to sleep on?