The XFL 3.5 and 2023 Plans

This lawsuit will be thrown out without merit. Dundon had the right to pull his support for failing league at any time, if he felt it was unsound. Charlie Ebersole lied to Dundon about the stability of the AAF from the beginning

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Indeed though of course with a Bankruptcy Court involved in US federal court, those are more expensive legal proceedings like most that land one in federal court, and there will be a settlement of sorts.

Dundon is no complete victim either and will pay for even getting involved whatever due diligence he did or not.

It's business and when you dip your toes in the wrong waters especially for the wealthy, well here we are.

The Internet Pseudo-Freudian Slip?

Check out this image on the XFL site, which excludes the Vegas Vipers who do not have a confirmed XFL home venue yet.

But you can purchase season tickets for also the Vegas Vipers if you click on the link, though if interested why would you if you still don't know where they will play?

Hmmm...did somebody working with the XFL who has their ear to the internal chatter let the cat out of the bag with this conspicuous omission?



Arsenio Hall said it best. LOL!


Can't wait to go to Seattle to experience an XFL game.

Missed out in 2020.

I do hope you get your shot, but they have a ways to go to make it happen let alone make it profitable in a short enough time.

Nobody in North America has a war chest like the NFL so as to wait for several years for profitability for any given new venture. Even the NFL of course did not make a profit on the most successful edition of spring full-gridiron football NFL Europe, but we shall see if a European division emerges in years to come well after war is over so as to pay rich dividends after the breaking of such frontier ground decades ago.

"Whoop whoop!" or which quote? I missed that era for the most part.

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I cross-post the following from the USFL 2.0 link because the developments in player pools are interrelated whether or not the players are former NFL players with actual game day experience.

The next pivot point for the CFL for sake of a few more players to scout is what the XFL 3.5 does or does not do to launch a new season in 2023 going on three years after XFL 2.0 ceased play in March 2020.

Well as tickets are sold after the XFL draft of non-quarterbacks, with some supplemental draft coming up, here's what the XFL released as of 17 November with not much else for sake of real news.

Here are some interesting numbers:

Of the 442 non-quarterback players selected this week, 285 come with NFL experience (signed an NFL active roster and/or practice squad contract).

273 XFL player selections came from the past three NFL draft classes (171 were eligible for the 2022 NFL Draft, 33 were eligible for the 2021 NFL Draft, and 69 were eligible for the 2020 NFL Draft).

The league’s rosters also include 69 players who will be returning to the XFL from 2020.

So 285 (non QB-s with NFL experience counting also practice rosters) + 50 (taken from a conservative estimate of the 69 from 2020 had no NFL game-day experience including quarterbacks) equals 335 players.

So there for the CFL, beyond those recruited and signed already, is your player pool of approximately 335 in the next-tier who spent time with at least one NFL team and/or played in the XFL in 2020.

On top of the 335 of course there are the elite of the rookie free agents who are amongst the rest of those drafted in the XFL, in the USFL, or drifting around whether or not with any NFL experience.

Here's the open question:
Is this unknown total number of core players, say at least 500, enough pro talent to go around to all leagues?

If spring football fails yet again as always before on US soil, well there is all the more incentive there for the CFL to find a way to remain intact.

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Sounds like 3 down is pushing for a December to May schedule :joy:


I didn't read it that way. I like the author's proposal overall.

Now imagine if NFL cuts could join a CFL team mid-season with the promise of being able to head back south before the year was up. The league would immediately leapfrog all competitors in terms of its attractiveness to players not yet ready to put down football roots. You could cut off the USFL and XFL’s talent supply in an instant.

Better yet, some of those players will inevitably fail to stick down south after an end-of-season practice roster stint and will be forced to return to Canada in time for training camp, rather than linking back up with clubs in September. Those that do find a role for playoff teams will keep the CFL in the news cycle for a few more months and help attract even more players to the league.

Here's my idea whether or not it matches the author's idea:

CFL players who arrived mid-season from any origin can sign with NFL teams right after the CFL season on the condition that the CFL team retains their rights if they are cut by the NFL team.

In this way the CFL ensures not to lose any of them to the spring leagues, which now have first shot at such players not under contract and then whether or not they play in the spring leagues, they often will be waiting until the next NFL training camp again.

Here is the author's fine conclusion, with which I do agree as well:

With three major alternative football leagues about to vie for the same players in the coming years, the talent drain is already here. It’s not insurmountable, but football operations people around the CFL have seen their jobs become harder than ever before and there will be an effect felt on the field.

If the league wants to mitigate that reality, they must work to find a way to allow players to join NFL teams as soon as the CFL season is done. A few more bittersweet goodbyes in the short term could mean dozens more big plays down the road.


yeah I guess I twisted his meaning when he said earlier that it would be tough on the body to join the NFL after an 18 game season.

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It’s impossible to argue with the logic in the article. Randy should be working on straightening this out ahead of anything else, or I feel the CFL will be left holding the bag and potentially be the 4th league option if the spring leagues are successful. It would be foolish to wait around to find out if this indeed becomes the case. Change or die.


I agree with you but Randy has said things like "Every other league has come and gone but we have been here for a hundred years." This kind of attitude isn't conducive to change. I don't think the league is taking this issue seriously. Unless they are behind the scenes and putting up a front for the public which is possible as well.


They may be forced to straddle the line between traditional 'they have all failed' publicly to appease the current fan base yet behind the scenes have to take a more serious look at this.

After all, MLSE saw something with the XFL and even Stern says he was in favour to talk further.

I don't think this talk will go away the longer these other 2 leagues are around


Worst case scenario, the CFL feels like it has to do something drastic, people will wonder why. They will say that the CFL had it's head buried in the sand etc. because they aren't in the board of Governors meetings. There's a huge amount of the fan base that doesn't like Randy. They'll be calling for his head even though none of that is his doing.

The big "if" is if the spring leagues survive. If they do it's going to shock the fans that can't think for themselves. There'll be pitchforks and torches marching to CFL headquarters. The good news is that it's mostly empty as fans know from the Nacho Incident.

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In my opinion this should be looked at whether there is a threat from spring leagues or not.


The league should always be looking to grow it's business, no matter what the situation.

The reason why four down football is played around the world is that people went to their country and taught it to them. Americans were more pro-active than Canadians. This is why we are fighting the battle we are fighting today.


Yup, it seemed the league spent the better part of a year in during Covid to look at something like this but there doesn't seemed to be enough in the board room to make any major changes weather it's scheduling or rule changes so all we get is tinkering