The XFL 3.5 and 2023 Plans

This lawsuit will be thrown out without merit. Dundon had the right to pull his support for failing league at any time, if he felt it was unsound. Charlie Ebersole lied to Dundon about the stability of the AAF from the beginning

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Indeed though of course with a Bankruptcy Court involved in US federal court, those are more expensive legal proceedings like most that land one in federal court, and there will be a settlement of sorts.

Dundon is no complete victim either and will pay for even getting involved whatever due diligence he did or not.

It's business and when you dip your toes in the wrong waters especially for the wealthy, well here we are.

The Internet Pseudo-Freudian Slip?

Check out this image on the XFL site, which excludes the Vegas Vipers who do not have a confirmed XFL home venue yet.

But you can purchase season tickets for also the Vegas Vipers if you click on the link, though if interested why would you if you still don't know where they will play?

Hmmm...did somebody working with the XFL who has their ear to the internal chatter let the cat out of the bag with this conspicuous omission?



Arsenio Hall said it best. LOL!


Can't wait to go to Seattle to experience an XFL game.

Missed out in 2020.

I do hope you get your shot, but they have a ways to go to make it happen let alone make it profitable in a short enough time.

Nobody in North America has a war chest like the NFL so as to wait for several years for profitability for any given new venture. Even the NFL of course did not make a profit on the most successful edition of spring full-gridiron football NFL Europe, but we shall see if a European division emerges in years to come well after war is over so as to pay rich dividends after the breaking of such frontier ground decades ago.

"Whoop whoop!" or which quote? I missed that era for the most part.

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I cross-post the following from the USFL 2.0 link because the developments in player pools are interrelated whether or not the players are former NFL players with actual game day experience.

The next pivot point for the CFL for sake of a few more players to scout is what the XFL 3.5 does or does not do to launch a new season in 2023 going on three years after XFL 2.0 ceased play in March 2020.