The XFL 3.5 and 2023 Plans

This was the big announcement on 31 October. More than I have some questions now going on 2 November.

Will the XFL have anything else new to report in November about what is shaping up on the field instead of another month of reporting about who is in office chairs?

When will players who are not quarterbacks or kickers report to camp so they can practice and get into game shape? January?

Is the goal to slap a modern pro offence with a heavy passing game together in a month now?

For those who are pushing the "well they just need to get this thing off the ground and then it'll all work out fine" theory like they did for that crap other spring league that is a partial charity mission of Fox and NBC for their top client the NFL as well as for all the prior runs of spring football leagues in the US, well just no already to that lazy line for sake of sustained spring football.

Few give a steaming hot crap about the XFL Draft coming up in about two weeks, and won't there be a good number of free agents finding their way onto teams later anyway?

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This stinks of flying by the seat of their pants and they are trying to land this thing without landing gear or wheels or any engines on a very short runway in the mountains at night in a storm but they are saying look at us we are confident all will be well😱


You know, come to think of it, it might get even worse than that commendable imaginative vision you just had you know!

John Rambo, The Terminator, Predator, Colonel James Braddock, and other sinisterly heroic parties all could be lurking in those mountains as their loud plane approaches!


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Well we know the NFL will not turn on the landing lights for them


This is the worst part of it all. The longer this goes on the worse it looks


Ay yai yai? So uh, split town or start digging up a new site in the desert, but uh, it's not gold or silver you will find out there!

On this note, I'm going to pour one out for ol' Lone Mountain and its legends tonight.


CityPark, the new MLS stadium for St. Louis City SC could fit a CFL field.

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Who owns that venue? Would they go along with this idea of a CFL team playing there, and if so why?

Do you have more to share now? Or research in the works?

No. There currently is no effort to bring a CFL team to St. Louis. I am simply saying that a place to play does exist. The notion of a team here is simply a pipe dream of mine, albeit no more so, than many of the ideas expressed on this forum.

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You are a gentleman and a good sport sir. We can call off the dogs of war, who were apparently looking out for you, now too.

Bartender, get this man a litre of mid-strength draft beer. :beers:



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viva la Battlehawks.

Sure hope they leave the rules pretty much the same as before

i heard they were going to play 3 downs :crazy_face:

I saw that new stadium on YT. It is too small to fit a CFL field(the CFL would only allow BMO Field 17 yards endzones, CityPark would have to be 20 yards). Besides the soccer crowd hates the gridiron gang encroaching on it's turf citing American football tears up the pitch. Whish is BS

Yup a mid-strength draft beer...full strength might just give him bigger ideas. We gotta look out for people's safety at all times.

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Here's an article about the Las Vegas Vipers and all the uncertainty with regards to exactly where they will be playing.

For those like me wondering what the situation is with the Death Star, here's some feedback on that item.

  • Allegiant Stadium (Las Vegas Raiders Home)

When this idea first came about back at the end of July, I had personally questioned it right off the bat. I’ve heard numerous stories from friends who have attended WWE Summer Slam, Concerts, and Las Vegas Raiders games. The cost of everything, including tickets, is so high that there is no way the XFL could attempt to have the same price for tickets as other teams for the 2023 season if they were to be at Allegiant Stadium. That is just the case with what reported in that same article “It seems like the Raiders’ Allegiant Stadium would have too many seats and be too expensive to rent for XFL Games.” So, where does that leave the XFL?


this just smacks of a league that will fold at any second after the tent is pitched. most likely the boys running this circus will also say it is going as planned right to the time it all blows up too


So the XFL Draft in Las Vegas is coming up starting on Tuesday 15 November, and ESPN is in on its promotion.

Who cares? and who cares!

But come mid-December either the momentum to training camp will show or it won't for this league.

I figure during the NFL playoffs that the promotion of the league will be shameless.

The matter of personnel numbers for sake of actual and prospective pro football players not in the NFL or CFL is most interesting:

Roughly 450 players will be drafted in total, with about 1,700 players’ names in the draft pool.

According to Giglio, an estimated 725 players are in the pool from the 2022 NFL Draft class, 115 players from the 2021 NFL Draft class, and 275 players from the 2020 NFL Draft class. Players will have until December 26th to commit to the XFL after being drafted by the league.


They will instead focus on the NFL Alumni Academy and those workouts for players. Any player participating in sessions three and four of the NFL Alumni Academy will be available for the supplemental draft in January.

Training camp is planned to begin in early January, with players arriving on January 8th. During the first week, players will be focused on getting set up and signing all necessary documents to prepare them for training camp and the season.


They're cutting close.

In news years after the predictable abject failure of a prior attempt at Spring Football Diarrhoea, there are some serious consequences still at hand especially for Tom Dundon who in 2021 also increased his controlling and dominant stake in the Carolina Hurricanes of the NHL.

Tanking a spring football league when you realize that your ego has been way off the radar and your fan base is mostly a bunch of angry dudes on Reddit who always proclaim the success of spring football? You don't say!? :unamused:

But it is interesting that in turn Dundon is pleading the wealthy, experienced, and powerful victim and that somehow the NFL has been pulled into the matter though wait, uh, you don't say the NFL would not be pulling strings in any other spring football operation do you!?

On Monday the U.S. Trustee for the Alliance of American Football sued former league owner and current Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon for a sum of $184 million. The suit alleges the NHL team owner intentionally tanked the startup rather than seek potential solutions for its financial woes.