The XFL 3.5 and 2023 Plans

Once CFL free agency kicked off this week, it's been quite the game of musical chairs for more players than I had thought between the XFL 3.5, USFL 2.0, and CFL.

It is as if free agency was declared for all leagues not merely the CFL.

But the CFL, as we had commented in various threads months ago as well, needs to shore up more of these players with CFL experience by revising the terms of its contracts so as to have more capability to retain these players, including those who want to take their NFL shot with so few succeeding to crack an active roster and even fewer playing regularly.


Article by Daniel Kaplan and Bill Shea in the Athletic from Thursday said ESPN is paying the XFL no media rights fee.

Personally, I do not understand why some people are still worried about the CFL is "selling out" to the XFL. XFL was unable to show the money in 2021, and it is unlikely to ever provide a deal to the CFL that is rich enough for them to join together as equal partners.

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why not have both

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I personally would do so

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Well this fact would seem to most certainly explain much of the lack of promotion by ESPN in the run-up to the season including most especially as compared to Fox for their league.

And it could be that Fox is smelling blood in the water as is their Godfather.

The quick addition and timing of two additional hubs for that hub league now seems less of a coincidence for sake of the timing especially right before the XFL season begins.

My my, this plot certainly thickens!

I think we'll know the score for the XFL 3.5 by the time that hub league starts in mid-April.

The XFL 3.5 has only three weekends in April, with games not on FX after 2 April, to move ratings and attendance ahead in time for their semifinal playoffs on the last weekend of April.


Our site poll above remains open, and voting early and often indeed is allowed if not also encouraged.

I do not know how many fellow Americans are here reading this thread other than me and one other, but it is quite telling already that nobody plans to watch the XFL on ESPN+.

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So the XFL is not getting any ESPN Money? The XFL is just getting ticket sales to run on? This is the AAF all over again if there is Zero TV money going to the XFL. The USFL has won this war if that is the case - there is no way there is enough money in ticket sales to prop up the XFL for more than season one.


IIRC with XFL 2.0 they didn't get a rights fees either, it was a share of add revenue based on ratings.

Will see how they do on TV this weekend though week 1 is rarely indicative of how they'll do throughout the season


The rights of lack thereof were never officially confirmed. A separate article in The Atlantic last year said the league would get money upfront. Even if it's a 50/50 ad split, if ESPN sells $60 million of advertising the league still gets $30 million. Also, genius has officially partnered with the XFL. Things may make you go hmmm.


So there is money but the money is made on how many burgers get sold. This is not a lump sum type of thing with cash up front, that makes more sense now - thanks for the clarification.


Basically a "prove it" type of deal. While it's no secret I'm a spring football fan, I try to be a realist and non-apologist as well. I think the league needs to crawl before it can jog, then jog before it can run. No, the networks should not be shelling out big $$$ to an unproven entity. If they could maintain good ratings for season 1, see a small increase for season 2, and more sustained growth by season 3, then I'd expect something along the lines of $30-50 million a season.


Which is inline with the money that the CFL gets for 9 teams broadcasting pretty much in Canada.


Welcome to the Eeexxxx-eeefffff-eeelllll

3.0....or 3.5 kicks off today

Vegas @ Arlington at 3
Orlando @ Houston at 8:30

St. Louis @ San Antonio at 3
Seattle @ DC at 8

All times Eastern. Your 6 day football withdraw ends lol

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Luiz Perez who played for the USFL generals throws the first TD pass in the new league's history. 2 PAT failed. 6-0 Vegas.

No kick PATs here

Bet the unders everyone

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I want to see how their punt rules work. Will it open up space for bigger returns?

Well....can't evaluate much from that flubbed punt return.

So far.......meh. I'm torn between wanting this league to make it, if for any reason it would be for the players but I take issue with Duane Johnson,
ever since he dissed the CFL at a WWE event. Can't shake that grudge:(


Monet with his 2nd TD and a 2 PAT good.

14-3 Vegas now