The XFL 3.5 and 2023 Plans

And this just in on 24 July for the XFL 3.5 as I will call it given the failure of relaunch efforts in 2021 with some deal with the CFL for 2022, for the official announcement comes in about two hours tonight Sunday night.

Why they buried the lede in the article is baffling, for it's not like this is some big secret given the information is out already.

This approach to make the announcement now is smart by the XFL as we enter the NFL preseason and of course continue the reminders through the winter for awareness after the Super Bowl instead of waiting and then trying to create awareness after the Super Bowl high has crashed again.

Spoiler alert, as reported here since March. Barring unforeseen last-minute changes, always a possibility when making business deals, the XFL’s eight cities will be the league’s primary headquarters,

Dallas ...Houston, Seattle, San Antonio, DC, Las Vegas, Orlando, and St. Louis.

Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, Texas - These choices make a ton of sense.

Seattle - The jury is out here, as the MLS Sounders are quite popular as are the newcomers to the NHL, the Kraken.

DC - The jury is out here though apparently the team did well in XFL 2.0 and DC United of the MLS are not a hot ticket though the NHL's Capitals indeed are as are the NBA Wizards for fair-weather fans there.

Las Vegas - They will have to work their schedule around the extremely popular NHL Golden Knights. With the entertainment angle this choice makes sense.

Orlando - This is a total homer nod to media partner Disney and does make more sense for activity in the spring in Florida than does locating a team near the beach destinations, which already draw poorly even for the NFL except when a popular visiting team is in town or for some night games with their ticket shenanigans to make it look more exciting on TV and fool the national audience.

St. Louis - Ripe for the picking given the success of the team in XFL 2.0, and now I don't see this city as a potential market for the CFL

Three new cities enter the picture for the XFL in San Antonio, Orlando, and Las Vegas. While five 2.0 locations return, New York, Los Angeles, and Tampa Bay are out for now.

Some of the eight cities chosen by the XFL will receive some scrutiny, starting with the absence of NY and LA, the two biggest TV markets. And the decision to load up with three Texas-based teams will certainly raise Rock-like eyebrows.

Finances are always at the heart of all these choices, and a Texas-heavy league indicates that. When it comes to tax breaks, practice facilities, workers comp laws, and the ability to use multiple travel options.

Monday’s league press conference in Arlington with city officials and the heads of REV entertainment, an events business created by the Texas Rangers, should help reveal a clearer picture of the XFL’s business and football plans heading into their 2023 season and beyond. RedBird and REV Entertainment, as reported here at XFL News Hub earlier this year, have been in talks for several months to formalize a partnership.

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I think the Rock will fail in his venture of the XFL. Those "talks" with the CFL were to pique the minds of the CFL for the start up of a new league. There were no designs for a merger.

The XFL can have St Louis. St. Louis has a track record of teams that left the city. It was the city that balked at making improvements for the Rams, despite it being owned by Kroenke. It was in the agreement between the city and Kroenke.

Chicago is a bigger and better market than St Louis. The CFL should focus on that city for US expansion, along with a possible NY team playing in the city.

With the XFL TV deal that doesn't include NY and LA, ain't going to get the Rock and Red Bird Capital alot of money from advertising sales. Noticed that the Rock never released the details of the TV agreement with Disney/ESPN. Mostly TV deals are fully disclosed in the media as a crowing moment for the league

Rumour I've heard and we should know in under an hour is that this will be a hybrid hub.

All teams based in the Dallas area and games will be played in the respective home market.

So games in Dallas won't need any travel and Houston/San Antonio based games can be bused. They all be Birminghams and not at the same time


These are all outstanding points. After the new team names and logos are announced, well we shall see.

One drawback that was implied in the article, which surprised me the matter was even mentioned, is on New York and Los Angeles the operating costs including especially via or per labour law, are immensely greater.

I do not agree with you on Los Angeles, which is not a strong market at the gate though has other advantages off-the-field. I don't see for this league, which is more of a niche attraction, that having that SoCal media market is going to make or break it in advertising and promotions in contrast to other sports leagues. And of course in this age of streaming and legal gambling, much is in flux on entertainment and sports revenue away from the TV screen so I could be wrong of course.

I agree a reality check will come via the deal with Disney and if at least the general elements of that deal are not disclosed later, well that reality of nondisclosure will tell us much all the same.

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So they are going to try to make this a "national league" but really it's "The Texas Football League," a lame step up from that fake USFL trash Alabama Spring Football League? Nope, I don't see this approach working. Hmmm... :thinking:

I have read otherwise, as linked in the article above, the local strategies for the other markets such that I would be surprised if the XFL takes such a narrow approach and panders that "we are only getting started slow, but we are a national league" BS as tried that lousy USFL 2.0.


I'm not sure it really affects things all that much though. Ok, so maybe the 30 fans can't come watch an open practice in East Rutherford, NJ. I guess it could limit the local appeal as players did tend to visit schools, car dealerships, etc. but I don't know if that's really a make or break deal. Just have The Rock visit all 8 cities, do some promo work and that'll sell more tickets than having teams practice at a high school field in their home state/city.

The XFL is going to have real teams based in cities in their own venues and not be a hub league, which of course is football as we have always known it.

Arlington has been announced as the city name of the team in Dallas-Fort Worth too.

The rumour about some sort of hybrid hub has been debunked, and any such points in favour of hubs are irrelevant in the XFL and don't belong in any real pro football league anyway.

City (Venue) Head Coach
Arlington, TX (Choctaw Stadium) Bob Stoops
Houston, TX (TDECU Stadium) Wade Phillips
Orlando, FL (Camping World Stadium) Terrell Buckley
Las Vegas, NV (to be announced) Rod Woodson
San Antonio, TX (The Alamodome) Hines Ward
Seattle, WA (Lumen Field) Jim Haslett
St. Louis, MO (The Dome) Anthony Becht
Washington D.C. (Audi Field) Reggie Barlow

There are some interesting names on the list of coaches on staff.

Las Vegas indeed is an X-factor, for they have yet to fill out their coaching staff and have yet to identify a venue.

XFL Arlington
Head Coach: Bob Stoops
DTO: Matt McMillen
DPP: Rick Mueller
OC: Jonathan Hayes
DC: Jay Hayes

XFL Houston
Head Coach: Wade Phillips
DTO: Danielle Lee
DPP: Marc Lillibridge
OC: AJ Smith
DC: Brian Stewart

XFL Orlando
Head Coach: Terrell Buckley
DTO: Patrick Austin
DPP: Larry Lee
OC: Robert Ford
DC: Tony Carter

XFL Las Vegas
Head Coach: Rod Woodson
DTO: Temeko Richardson
DPP: Joey Clinkscales
OC: to be announced
DC: to be announced

XFL San Antonio
Head Coach: Hines Ward
DTO: Jose Jefferson
DPP: Will Lewis
OC: Jaime Elizondo
DC: Jim Herrmann

XFL Seattle
Head Coach: Jim Haslett
DTO: Pat Mathews
DPP: Randy Mueller
OC: June Jones
DC: Ron Zook

XFL St. Louis
Head Coach: Anthony Becht
DTO:Anastasia Ali
DPP: Dave Boller
OC: Bruce Gradkowski
DC: Nathaniel “Donnie” Abraham

XFL Washington
D.C.Head Coach: Reggie Barlow
DTO:Stacie Johnson
DPP: Von Hutchins
OC / RB: Fred Kaiss
DC: Gregg William


With five of the eight markets with NFL teams, I find it interesting that the venue in Seattle is the only one that is shared in use by also an NFL team.

In Las Vegas, I suppose the XFL team could make it work outdoors during the spring season through April though in April they are likely to be games in the evening if outdoors.

In March in Las Vegas, there is at least one week of trade winds with extraordinarily windy days and nights that could make things quite interesting if a game is scheduled outdoors.

Or in Las Vegas can everything work out okay, perhaps via also any approval beyond any given right of refusal by the Raiders though I don't see them as a territorial team like some other franchises and owners, for the preferable use of the Death Star?

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Vegas will most likely play at Allegiant field. I think Sam Boyd is no longer in use, which is too bad as 30k seats would be perfect for the XFL team. The original Outlaws were #4 in the league in attendance and led the country in TV ratings. Heck, even the low level IFL team has packed their 7500 seat arena on several occasions and is hosting the IFL championship next month.

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No word on where the Las Vegas XFL team will play in yet.

I suspect the Raiders have exclusivity on Allegiant Stadium. It was the city that build the stadium to lure the Raiders to Vegas, not for second tiered football league like the XFL.

Sam Boyd for the XFL team then


Gets back to the price of Raiders tickets being sky high. There are a ton of people in Vegas who can't pay $300 usd per ticket - Different price point for the NFL and XFL - Vegas will do well I would think.


From what I gather Sam Boyd is going to meet the wrecking ball soon, so it may not even be an option. Odds are both sides are negotiating $$$. I suppose the could play at the minor league baseball stadium and put in temp seats if needed, but that may be more of a hassle, and cost, then just paying the ransom Allegiant is asking for.

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Need a stadium to play in. There hasn't been an announcement yet.

But the XFL ticket won't be given away like the USFL tickets. I suspect that XFL tickets in Vegas would be priced at $150. If the XFL partners up with a casino, tickets could be comped or reduced at a lower price

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They might have to play out of Texas if they can't get a deal done with Allegiant.

I think the Rock is in over his head on restarting a football league. He doesn't have good football advisors. Russ Brandon?? The guy that ran the Bills into the ground and had to resign over sexual harassment allegations. Hired inexperienced coaches in Becht, Ward and Woodson

I think The Rock should've played 3 Down Football on his latest installment of the XFL instead of going the failed 4 down route. He is going to fail in this venture because he has no experience on operating professional leagues. The USFL has beaten him to the punch.

The Rock can offer the American football fan another football option. His league could have aligned itself along with the CFL for interlocking games and have a champions league championship in December.

This could be his exit strategy if his league folds again. The Rock could merge with the CFL with his stronger franchises like the WHA did with the NHL in '79/'80 season. I doubt the USFL would merge with the XFL because it is owned by FOX, a competitor to Disney/ESPN Sports


Dave Naylor today said that CFL pending free agents have their contract expire in February which is about the time when the XFL starts. If lower-on-the-roster CFL players wish to move to the XFL, teams out of contention might agree to release them early for the XFL draft in November.

Reason for allowing them to move on according to Naylor is not based on the ability of the player or their future value to the team. Instead, CFL clubs could very well decide that having a good relationship with that particular player agent is more important as the team hopes to receive some reciprocal favor in the future.

As quarterback salaries are currently unknown in the XFL, Naylor wonders if former XFL player Taylor Cornelius could return to that league if the pay for QB's is decent.


It wouldn't have made sense for St. Louis to spend $700M updating the dome for the Rams, as was determined in arbitration. It would've only guaranteed that the Rams would stay another 10 years. St. Louis later proposed a new stadium with better terms, but the Rams refused it. As far as St. Louis' track record: the Cardinals left because the county executive and the city's mayor couldn't agree on where to locate the stadium. I don't think that is a reflection on the fanbase. As far as the Rams go, St. Louis sold out the first 14 seasons. Attendance didn't lag until the product on the field collapsed, which everyone who has followed the situation knows was done on purpose in order to help bolster the case for the Rams moving to LA. That's the shame of St. Louis settling out of court with the Rams. All of this would have come out in the trial. But all of that being said, I agree that Chicago is a good market.


This really isn't The Rock's league, or even Danny Garcia, Gerry Cardniale and Redbird Capital are running the show. Without them there is no XFL. The Rock is to the XFL what Mike Ditka was to the Chicago Rush of the AFL, a mouthpiece that's there to promote and sell tickets, but has little if any actual skin in the game.


The City had a contractual obligation to enhance the stadium nonetheless. You are correct that St. Louis tried to to get the Rams on board with a new stadium on a riverfront property. The Rams were always going to leave St Louis while Goodell lied to the public that it won't. The City had to settle because Kroenke would've tied up the lawsuit in court for years.


The Rock paid 15 million dollars to get the XFL out of bankruptcy court, so techniquely it's "his" league.

The Rock is making dubious hires of questionable football advisors, delayed making announcement, lost VPs, chasing FOX/USFL rather being the lead on Spring Football. If Red Bird were calling the shots, they are so professional that it won't be making the mistakes the Rock has done

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