The writing is on the wall!

The writing is on the wall or whatever other cliche a fan wants to use. The Lions had the chance to exonerate themselves against Hamilton and could not pull it off.

Hamilton is an improved ball team but that not that much improved. Cobb rode over B.C. all evening. Backed the truck up and did again and again. Ouch! Was he invisible?

A porous offensive line and this time useless penalties did B.C. in. The turning point of course was Jackson's fumble at Hamilton's one yard line.

I do not blame Jarious for B.C. losing but one has to ask what the defensive line is looking to do to stop a goal line stance. The defensive line is trying to force a fumble! It isn't rocket science. Jackson knows this. No matter what you do, DO NOT COUGH UP THE BALL! If you don't score the major you are pretty much guaranteed a field goal. Swallow the ball to keep it safe if you have to but don't cough it up. So what does Jarious do? And what did Jarious do in the game against Calgary?

Had B.C. scored on that drive the score would have been 25-17 for B.C. and Hamilton might have started second guessing themselves and taking chances. I'm not saying the final outcome would have been any different but B.C. would definitely have had the momentum. Do you remember the game against Montreal last year where B.C. had not 3 opportunities but 5 chances [due to penalties] to move the ball one yard over the goal line? Nadah. No cigar! And that was with a more skilled offensive line.

During this game I saw only a 3 man rush against B.C.s QB. and it succeeded in bringing down the QB. The same thing happened against Calgary. How does this happen when you have 5 defenders protecting the QB?

I'm not going to use words like "incompetence" or phrases like "these guys are professionals". B.C. is being out played and has only much talent. And the talent they presently have is not enough. Professionally, they know what is on the line. Professionally they are competitive. In terms of skill level that is a different story.

I've always felt B.C.s defensive line could hold its own. But after what Cobb did I'm not convinced. This guy was having a great time wasn't he?

The writing is on the wall. The team Wally has to work with, especially the offensive line, is trying its best but it just hasn't got what it takes to win consistently. A horse can only run so fast and you do not blame your horse for coming in last because it was not trying to run as fast as it could.

On a good day, when the team is firing on all cylinders, where stupid penalties are kept to a minimum and where the opposition is hopefully a little off its game, then and only then do I think B.C. has a chance of making a game of it.

We are season's ticket holders and enjoy the entertainment of well played games- even when B.C. comes out at the losing end. I've appreciated great run backs by the opposition and well executed plays by the opposition without "blaming" B.C. for not doing this or that.

If B.C. delivers on good entertainment value [which doesn't always necessarily translate into victories] I will be happy. Hopefully, B.C. will be able to make some personnel changes that will make the team more competitive.

If nothing else, it looked like they actually wanted to play this week, unlike last...
Things shall change quickly, 1-4 is not acceptable with this amount of talent. I know we'll turn it around, I just hop its sooner than later!