the worst part of being a tiger cat fan !!

i think the worst part of being a tiger cat fan for in oshawa is being surrounded by Argonaut Fans. My girlfriends parents and all her uncles and aunts and cousins are big Argo fans and man did they have fun rubbing in the fact that Argos were in the playoffs and Hamilton had a lousy season.

Luckily my gf doesnt listen to all that and like me, she is a hamilton fan also. I got her into liking the Hamilton Tiger Cats. I got her liking football in general. Her and i live in oshawa but still make the trip to hamilton during the year to go to the games and support the team no matter how bad they get...and you can be sure afterwards we will be listening to the 5th quarter also. Its been a tradition since i was young to follow the games and that will never change no matter where i live.

I watched the playoffs and watched Toronto lose to winnipeg and it was a little sweet victory for me. It was nice to rub it in there faces that Toronto just couldnt cut it. LOL

NO matter how frustrating people can get with telling me how the Argos are so much better then us, I will always stand behind Hamilton and I will bleed black and gold.



i agree,

the worst thing about being a ti-cat fan right now is the argo fans :x :x :x :x :x :x

and hopefully soon, the best thing about being a ti-cat fan, will be bugging the argo fans about how we finished ahead of their team in the standings :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Hey Oshawa, great to see we have Ticat fans north of Burlington.

I agree with what you say about the Ticats. It's been a tough few years, but it goes to prove how much we all love our team that we're willing to stick by it. I always say it's easy to cheer a team that's winning. But when you're team is losing, that's when your true feelings about your team comes out. If you stick with them, you've proven to yourself and others that you're a fan for life.

Myself, I grew up in the years with Zambiasi, Covington, Kerrigan, Winfield, Dipietro (basically the 80s). It's tough to see the team the way it is now, but when they build into a success and we win a couple grey cups in the next few years, we will enjoy it all the more (like Rider fans this year).

Don't worry about the Argo fans. My secret with them: if they say the Ticats suck, just agree with them (cuz face it for the most part, they're right). Every time I did that during Grey Cup week in TO, they shut up. Honest to god, they were speechless. It's hard to do, but when you get all defensive, they love that.

Just think, in the next couple of years, you'll get to say the Argos suck for real (and they'll be the ones getting all defensive).

Yay! I would have to agree with you. The worst part of being a ti-cat fan is about the argo fans. The tend to brag when then beat us in labour day. But, with everything i hope that the cats wil give us something good to smile about.:slight_smile: Hey, i will still bleed for the black and gold no problem. With some Argos fans they tend to rub it in my face constently. That Argos got to the playoffs and the cats didn't. But I know the Cats can produce a hell of a lot more for us to cheer about.

Better year in '08! :slight_smile: :rockin:

For sure, great there are ticat fans north or east of the big smoke. Hang in there Oshawa, we'll get there sooner rather than later. But we all have to take some ribbing for now, just part of the game.