The worst home game you sat through?

Given tonight's stinker- and you'll know that games like this will happen if you have followed the team long enough, what was the worst home game that you've had to sit through? Mine is the final home game of the '96 season against the Argos- we lost 47 to 14. It was a dismal game on a frightfully cold day. Man, I hated that game...

I sat through 48-0 in Toronto.

That was the worst game ever, this was 2nd worst.

Yea, last year's stinker at the Roger's Center has to rank up there (no pun intended).

This is a depressing thread, but I can recall one. I don't remember what year it was, but it was the labour day game back when I was an ankle-biter. We had my family and uncles and aunts and the whole bunch out. We ended up leaving with 4 and a half minutes to go, because we were getting beaten so bad. I was such a sad little kid...

labourday vs the argos (i think it was labourday) when they still had flutie...

it was the year Dunnigan got hurt early in the season and we went on to suc-k hind-teat for the remainder of the sched.

me and my cousin valiantly yelled out our oskee wee wee's and now forbidden chants only to see the cats get crushed on the field by the hated argos...

our cheers and our jeers were all in vain as our tabbies left the field broken and beaten.... that was a long afternoon...

thank god for cheerleaders (who are probably the best reason to come to games when you're ten year old kid. its what binoculars were made for...)

I sat through a Billy Dickens QB'd game against the Argos a few years back.
It was the only time I have ever left a game at half.

Yesterday was close to being #2.

I remember the 47 - 14 loss to the Argos. Have to agree that was a terrible game on a cold afternoon. Flutie was at his best


Ya,Espo,I was at that game and too close to the Argo section .

It was brutal!


This year we are last and they are second last.hmmm

Exactly, Crash! The Billy Dicken Experience ranks third.

Oski Wee Wee,

i was at that 48-0 game in toronto and this one rivals it.
last night was like bad dream.
what a mess!

Last night was by far...the worst home game I have ever been to.

I've only missed about 10 games in 40 years.

Pssssst... I think he's said HOME game.

Yes, that was the worst home game that I've sat through.

For the record, I was also at the 48-0 shellacking.... It, too, was brutal.

ME Too...misery likes company!

Pretty much the whole 2003 season.

Mine was a game in late October in the late 80's in cold freezing rain against Sask. There were about 10,000 in the stands, the Cats were out of the playoffs and managed to lose the game.
Dreadful it still give me chills ... at least yesterday you could drink beer and not care

i think my brother and dad were at that game.

Been to so many crappy games lately, it is so hard to pick just one.

We have had worse !

     Not too many of you will remember the 72 - 0 game in 

Montreal in September 1956.

      I saw it in " poor reception/black & white TV   "

man, no home game is fun to goto anymore... and last nights was the worste and hardest to watch game since 03.