The WORST CFL doubleheader in YEARS

Has to be stated. I am speechless. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Debris,

I do not disagree with you Russ, man those games WERE awful!!

Yawn ... oh sorry is it done? doze off there...

I mean, it made me in a weak moment covet having all 65 NFL preseason games available on NFL Network...that so-shoot-me-nowable for a football fan. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

ya me too :roll:

The first two teams play again next week ....Oh Boy!
Why would the league do this?
Same thing for the Labour day game followed by a Friday same week game this year....What the heck?.......You're losing me.

BC Is Really bad this year
that shocks me with Wally in Charge.

Its called a Home and Home... creates rivalries, fans generally love them. Players hate the other team more.

One point should be made after the Friday Night Incompetence Fest, however.

The 2 teams we beat are the worst in the CFL. :?

Meh I can live with that. Sixth in the CFL is still a playoff team. But I think we saw in Montreal that the Ti-Cats have the ability to compete at a much higher level with the CFL's elite, then we have seen recently.

Just not a good year for QBs. Winnipeg, BC have tried all their QBs and they look brutal!

Very true…so Hamilton fans should be very happy in having both Porter and Glenn.

Well, a win is a win, you take it as it comes, fact is defence wins and the Argo defence was awesome even though most people will say it wasn't their defence it was Winnipeg's ineptness.

Defence wins championships.

Good point Earl.........and with that sad excuse of an offence, it's really hard to tell just how strong Toronto's D really is.

But I do confess to being impressed with their two new defensive HBs, Shivers and Shell.

and the scary thing right now is that the Argos are ahead of us in the standings.

Mad, did you see Eiben on the INT? Wow, the guy looked like a 175 lb fleet footed jumping jack (no pun intended Mad) defensive back on that one, I was extremely impressed with that play, should be a highlight of the week. That was a great play.

Yes, that was a key play in the game for sure...

And having to listen to Glen Suitor made it even worse. Thank God for the mute button.

Had to listen to Suitor two nights in a row. I didn't think he would fly from Montreal to Winnipeg.
The problem Suitor has right now is that he NEVER SHUTS UP its his continual yapping about nothing that's getting annoying, its like TSN doesn't want to have any quiet times they have to fill every second with idle chit chat.

Have to add Edmonton too, Ricky Ray has looked brutal this year. A couple of bad picks today!!