The "World" Series

Anybody watching?

I thought Atlanta's offence last night was rather impressive. Maybe we'll get a closer game tonight.

What bothered me no end are these American announcers/commentators. They just don't shut up, ever !!!!

Like take a breath every now and then guys. . . you needn't repeat the same damn point five times in the same inning.

How about the broadcast listing Freddie Freeman as American when he played for Canada in the World Baseball Classic several years ago. He wanted to play for Canada to honor his mother who hailed from Toronto

I really didn't watch the World Series this year... two teams that I loathe were involved...the Cheaters (Astros) vs the Arseholes (Braves)... baseball has definitely lost something over the years. Congrats to Atlanta for winning it.

Definitely way to go AA and the Braves for winning .

I kept checking the scores and highlites but don't have a stream for MLB so I didn't get to watch Any live action .

The World Series well before the Expos and Jays mattered Canada watched it or listened to it . It was a tradition in October . I really don't like the extended playoffs format now it cheapens the title somewhat in my opinion .

Baseball just seems off now with way too much money and lack of real interesting characters for players maybe but I still like the international stuff more the Pan am games and world classic if Canada plays .