The world didn't end

Yes Zach got injured yes he's gone for the year yes its very unfortunate but..... There's more then 1 guy on this team can we please just go forward put our faith in all 3 phases of the game and as fans support this team as we focus on the grey cup victory.There's no future living in the past and the thought of #4 leading us is just a memory onward and upward we shall and must go

Did for me...the season may end in major's OK to say we may have a chance against the soft teams but without a real 1st string quarterback we won't take a team like Toronto or Montreal in the playoffs and maybe Calgary in the Cup....maybe the coaches could spend sometime pushing conditioning on their top quarterbacks instead of elevating them to star status so push them and they break !!!

I beg to differ is there a team in the east or west with a standout qb other then mayb Calgary I believe we gotta great all around team and our D can stand up to any O on anyday never mind our special teams bring on any given Sunday will answer the bell


**Note: Bad Hank may have been exorcised, particularly by the results of one game. Experts suggest that only by watching each game unfold can we know for sure. Good Hank t-shirts may soon arrive at the RedBlacks Store. :wink:

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relic: Too early to be so pessimistic. Let's see how Jeff Mathews does next week. I think (after seeing him at practice) he has great potential. And I think Jacory Harris could be a good 'un too. All the injuries to some off our best players is a bit disheartening but if everyone who is still standing pulls together we still have a formidable team that could take us to the playoffs. I'm sure Kent Austin and Tommy Condell are flexible enough to come up with some appropriate game plans. :rockin:

Not being right in the middle of the conditioning program, I cannot say for sure...but I do believe Zach Collaros is a well-conditioned athlete. ACLs -- and ligaments period -- are tricky, tricky things in sports that humans were not designed to play in. I saw WR Jordy Nelson of the Packers blow out his ACL this year in preseason just coming out of a cut, so even the best are subject to physics when it comes to their joints.

Let's be clear: coaches do not elevate players to star status. It's largely the other way around. Players ultimately have to become stars by what they do on the field. The great coaches are teachers and know how to prepare players for the next game. Jeff Mathews is the next man up and I am confident Kent Austin and Tommy Condell know what they are doing.

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It seems to be boiling down to the last two games of the season deciding first place in the east with the last game in Ottawa. It couldn't be scripted any better. Brace yourself for a BS ending lads. Losing first place to an offense coached by Mass would be especially difficult . Please coach Austin don't let us lose to Ottawa :roll:

One of the responsibilities of a head coach and a general manager in this league is to ensure that a capable, GAME-READY backup quarterback is available in case the starter goes down. If finding a capable starter is job #1, then ensuring that a capable and game-ready backup is available is job #2 in a league where starting QB injuries are the norm, not the exception.

It is a HUGE gamble to entrust the backup QB duties to a rookie who has never started a regular season or playoff game in this league and has thrown only a couple dozen or so passes in total (many with disastrous results). The fact that the rookie will now be operating behind a banged-up/patched-up OL simply magnifies the risk. And, there is no way that Austin would bring in an experienced backup QB at this point because it would be an admission on his part that he had failed to develop a capable backup within his own system. Austin is not the type of person who can tolerate being proven wrong.
Austin has essentially put the team in a position where the season will depend upon the performance of an unproven rookie at QB. For that reason, Austin and his decision should be under scrutiny to a much greater degree than Mathews from now until the end of the season IMO.

Are you suggesting that we should have kept Brohm? :wink:

I'm suggesting that Austin has placed the team in a position where the season depends on the performance of an unproven rookie at QB.
If it works... fine. If it doesn't and the team squanders what appeared to be a very real opportunity to win the Cup, Austin will be in for some serious criticism IMO.

With six games left in the CFL season still lots of football to be played and the Cats are in a good spot a top the east at 8-4.

The Ti-Cat players will rally and keep playing strong football, Mathews will get his timing drown with receivers and be much more on target against Calgary and future games.

I'm sure now it will be a three way fight between Hamilton, Ottawa and Toronto to see who finishes on top in the east division, hopefully it's Hamilton.


After the bye week that will no longer be true. Figueroa will replace Olson and Bomben will return to the guard position. The O-line will return as strong as before not "banged-up/patched-up". My only concern is if Figueroa can stay healthy. So far he has proven that he can't. Hopefully things will change during this return to the line-up.

I'm skeptical...
How much drop-off in performance will there be with Figueroa at LT in place of Olsen? Dyakowski has not been as dominant since last year's injury IMO and is Bomben returning at 100% after his injuries (although Bomben at less than 100% may still be more effective than O'Neill at RG)?
I don't think one bye week magically cures everything.

Dyakowski was playing at less than 100% in the last game and will hopefully be OK by next week. Bomben has been out for a few games (2-3) so hopefully will be good to go. I think Figs will play well enough but ability to stay healthy for more than a handful of games has been a problem and has to be a concern. There has been talk of Dile possibly coming back if he is able and willing. Only problem that I had with him was his tendency to take too many offside or procedure penalties, often at inopportune times. Going to need to look for a solid replacement for Olsen if he is going to be out for a year.

You mean like he did 3 years ago… when he released Burris??


People I am new to this forum, however after much reading about the players and so on.....Let us not forget about the FANS.
We are also important in the game factor. Let's re-group, support and cheer for our team The HAMILTON TIGER CATS !!!!!!!
I would say that we are the best in the league
I really enjoy this forum