The Winnipeg Jets and the Ottawa Somethings

As you all know, when TNSE bought the Thrashers, they did not announce the name of the team until the NHL draft. However, before that moment, it seemed quite clear that they did not originally want to name the team the Jets, and that they only did it because of fan pressure. Now Jeff Hunt has said in the past he wanted to name the team the Rough Riders, and he even bought the rights to the name, but he said he would likely not because of the Roughriders front office requesting he doesn’t :thdn: (maybe that’s why we suck now). Could seeing what happened in Winnipeg, and the success of the Jets change his mind, don’t forget he is probably a lot more interested in recognizing heritage then TNSE was.

If Saskatchewan truly has veto power, or worked it into the agreement with the league that the Ottawa club would not adopt the name Rough Riders, there's probably not a whole lot Hunt can do about it.

The Winnipeg Jets might have had a harder time of it if there were another team named Jets in the NHL. This situation is rather unique so it's tough to compare against any others.

The closest, in my opinion, is the SEC where teams have joined and had the same name as other schools. When Missouri joins later this year, there will be three teams named Tigers and two Bulldogs in a 14-team conference. And no one appears to care.

How about the Ottawa Capitals, Caps for short. All the CFL teams have a shorter nickname or two for their club it would fit right in. " the Als vs the Caps in the renewed Labor Day series coming up next on TSN!"

Go old school and name them the Ottawa Football Senators. Thats if the Hockey team would allow it.

I like naming the team after the Metro area to include Gatineau. The Ottawa-Gatineau Renegades. Flipping the shortened name to the cities name " The O.G. Renagades vs the Argos of Toronto to kick off the opening of the 2014 season in our Nations capital." include the Gatineau area as part of the name would pull all of the Gatineau football fans away from Montreal.

No! if the name won't be the traditional "Rough Riders" then it will have to be an exciting modern "football" name.
The Renegades was a great name but I think they won't bring that name back. The Capitals is kind of lame.
On one of the phone in radio shows Lowell Green was asking for suggestions for the new football team -
General Lewis Mackenzie called in and explained how Lansdowne was the first place that Canadian soldiers from the PPCLI assembled on their way to WW1 - his suggestion was "The Regiment" in keeping with Ottawa being a military town I would suggest a name like "The Battallion"

And NO TO Gatineau - most Gatineau fans will never cheer for an Ottawa team. This is an Ottawa team!!
Would you call the Hamilton Tiger Cats - The Hamilton-Burlington Tiger Cats to pull in Burlington fans?????????????
Or what about the Missauga Aronauts??

I was a season ticket holder for the Gades and when the Gades played Montreal there were thousands in the stands cheering for the Als, most from across the river. It's the same at the Senators games, people that live on the QUEBEC SIDE will never cheer for an Ottawa team, they are Canadien fans in hockey and Als fans in football.

Our quotable friend Lonie once said something to the effect that there's no point in marketing to Gatineau because they're all Als fans over there.

He may well be right, but that's the wrong approach to take. I don't know that I'd include them in the team name, but I'd have players there all the time to take back that territory. I'd hold camps there, sponsor minor football, get my logo everywhere I could, kiss media bum all day long...

If I come across it again I'll scan it, but I have an old team newspaper, I think from 1977. There's a list of places where fans can buy tickets and they were far and wide. Any small town within a couple of hours had a place. It was a great thing; they might not have sold 100's, but they made those places feel included.

I would like the Ottawa "Rottweilers", you could have the traditional R logo in the background and the Dog in front of the R. I think that would be a pretty cool logo and name.

Very well said that is the right attitude making gatineau feel a part of the fan base they are part of the metro area even if it does cross provincial lines. Jeff Hunt most likely has his marketing team already working on it. What is great about what Hunt is doing is that although the team was not ready he still has a sports front office that most likely has been working on Marketing the team. The fanatical Als fan will probably stick with Montreal but the avg CFL fan may be persuaded to cross the border and come to a game. A coupl of games on RDS won't hurt either. RDS and RDS2 are televising other games this season besides Als games

That is a VERY COOL name and the R can stay in place like you said and they would be able to shorten it to the ROTS

they need to start fresh, it would be silly for them to rebrand the new team as the rough riders, or the renegades. I really like the regiment, if you want to keep the traditional "R" theme.

Nothing annoys me more than all you people so desperate to keep the RR theme that they'll resort to the Ottawa Regiment, or the Ottawa Rottweilers. Are you actually kidding me with that last?? :roll:

Get over it people. Rough Riders are gone. Noone in Ottawa went to games forcing the team to fold, so why should we want to keep that name?

New fresh theme and name. Something quick and easy that rolls off the tongue: Nationals, Capitals, Voyageurs, Highlanders, Eagles, Falcons, Gladiators, Tomahawks.

Take your pick. Stop being silly with Ottawa Regiment. Can't get more bush league than that...

The regiment isnt a bad idea, it ties the team to the military history of the city. Ideally you wouldnt want to pick a meaningless random name like rottweilers, i agree with you on that one.

From your list Capitals would make the most sense.

For every Regiment that is too silly, there is a Nationals that is too bland.


It seems like Highlanders is the frontrunner for the new team name, which is find in my book. Terrific name. If the Rough Rider name can't return, Highlander is a great choice.

Hardly. They've had the most publicity but there's nothing to actually indicate that the name is even being considered by OSEG.

Thank goodness for that the Highlanders wuould work as the name for the soccer team but not the football team. so there may indeed be a pro team in Ottawa named the Highlanders but they will be in the NASL and not the CFL

As you can see from this cbc report (and there was a second one that pretty much said the same thing):

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The general consensus is 1) Pretty graphics, 2) Horrible name.

If you read that article carefully you can see that the quote from Jeff Hunt suggests that it will not e the Highlanders as he put it in a nice way by they there are many objectives and suggests that he is targeting a younger audience with the name. The old Timers will come out and watch whatever the name is but getting something cool, catchy and modern to appeal not only to a younger audience to watch the games but to also want to but merchandise Jerseys, ski hats, Ball caps etc.
That logo is not cool nor catchy and I cant see a young fan wearing a picture of what looks like a coal minor in the early 20th century.
Highlanders :thdn:

I can understand "The Highlanders" being covered on the CBC website, after all that is one network that is out of touch with the public their ratings are so low it's laughable.

Hunt will come up with a one word catchy modern name that appeals to a young generation - something like "The Rage" "The Rebel" "The Crunch" "The Battalion"