The Winnipeg Fix??

As a Tiger-Cat fan I could I could really care less what go's on in Bomber Land but as a supporter of the CFL this team needs to get better to stay competitive and maybe one day turn the corner and actually win a game again?

The Big problem in Winnipeg is the team still has Tim Burke as Head Coach a left over from the Joe Mack era of Terror in the PEG, get rid of Burke replace him with Marcel B. as the full time head coach, than cut Buck Pierce keep the other two as back ups Hall and Goltz they both need more time and much more work, find a starting QB somewhere on the open market who is not prone to injury like Pierce? That's two moves right there that would make your team better!!

There's no quick fix. The team is bad. You fix that by bringing in a guy at the too (done). He needs to hire a GM. That GM needs to both hire a HC and go scouting for players.

They are not going to magically become good by firing Burke now. Do it in the offseason so the new GM can talk to guys on other teams and get the best candidate.

That's now you build a good team. You don't flail around looking for instant fixes.

Its simple... Stop hiring Americans... Hire Canadians... They got a guy with over 20 years worth of CANADIAN football experience who coaches in their stadium.

Tridas it sounds like you have all the answers, maybe you should be GM and we can watch the team fail yet again!!!!

Funny, one of the Bomber fans said that a week ago. :stuck_out_tongue: It's kind of a weird reaction, since you posted a bunch of answers and I posted different answers, and now I should be the GM because I have all the answers?

Probably not, I'm pretty sure being an actual GM requires more than a very basic knowledge of how successful teams hire people and think long term. This idea of "oh we lost this week, lets fire someone!" is silly. On good teams, the GM hires a coach, and they don't have a permanent GM yet.

Get that, and let him talk to quality coaching candidates in the off season. What does firing Burke right now accomplish? You really think Marcel B. is the best coach that'll be available in the off season?

Well apparently the new 'saviour' in Winnipeg is Jason Boltus.

That' s odd. .. I had thought the O.P. in this thread had told us earlier that it was going to be Quinton Porter, although he never did tell us what radio station he supposedly heard this on. . . .

I think the Bombers should take the same deal as Ottawa :lol:
Fold the franchise
Give up their name
Call themselves the Bluegold
Start fresh with an expansion draft


I think you meant BLUEGOLDS

I'm thinking Higgins is probably the only experienced candidate for GM who might get things turned around in a couple years, the only other option is Tillman but that wouldn't go over well with most fans in Wpg.