The Winnipeg Blue Bombers Have Arrived

The Blue Bombers arrived in Hamilton on Tuesday afternoon.

Of course this Sunday's game represents a rematch of the 2019 Grey Cup game. We know what happened then.
And more recently, the last time these two teams met was August 5th, 2021 in Winnipeg. The Blue Bombers won that game 19 - 6.

The early betting line had the Blue Bombers as 4½ pt. favourites, but it seems that has declined to a 2½ pt. spread as of Tuesday evening. I was expecting the spread to go in the opposite direction.

What are the key matchups for the Ti-Cats, to allow them to leave THF as 2021 Grey Cup Champs ??
I will offer 2 keys to the game, and they are both focused on the line of scrimmage:

  1. When Winnipeg has the ball, Teddy Laurent (#97) & Dylan Wynn (#98) have to eat up blocks, thereby allowing Jovan Santos-Knox (#45) to run free & control Andrew Harris and the running game. In my opinion, Santos-Knox's best skills on D, relate to his mobility & his pass coverage skills. On Sunday, he needs to become a relentless run-stuffing MLB.
  2. When Hamilton has the ball, it is very easy for me to point this out, but it will be a very large challenge on the field . . . Chris VanZeyl (#54) & Jordan Murray (#69) need to win most of their battles with Willie Jefferson (#5) & Jackson Jeffcoat (#94). Please note that neither VanZeyl, nor Murray were in the lineup, for the season-opener on August 5th.

What do you think?? Curious to hear your thoughts.

Spread dropped as early money came in on Hamilton.

That's interesting.

I'm gonna hang out and see where the line goes. I was expecting it to also increase.

For reference the same thing happened last year. Hamilton opened at 5.5 and it went down.

Agree tackle play will be huge and should be much better than in season
opener but Winnipeg is tough inside as well with Richardson, Sayles, Jake Thomas. Need to keep pounding the ball whether it gets stopped early or not.

I wonder, and I'm not sure how this works with the rules, but if jeff and jeff are giving us trouble, can we play a 6th Olineman, sit one reciever, and really open up the run for Jackson?

Most definitely. The extra lineman just has to declare as "eligible" as they are playing tight end with an otherwise ineligible number. That's fine as its declared so the opponent is aware that this lineman can potentially recieve a forward pass.

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Could be something in the back pocket :shushing_face:

The Jeffs will likely get through. A lot. Kalinic and Jackson better be ready to either block the DEs or receive some quick bubble screens. Quick hitters will be effective to counter the Bombers pass rush but only if there's blocking downfield.

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It's not uncommon on short yardage situations.

It's how we end up with the occasional lineman catching a surprise pass for a TD on a goal line play or 2 point convert.

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These are the details I don't seem to pay attention too. I suspect it could be a strategy heavily employed Sunday.

On obvious passing plays 2 backs in the back field to protect the Great Dane.

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Almondo Sewell Als and Shawn Oakman Argos were held in check in the semi and the final . The Cat OLine has played much better recently . Chicken or egg ? Does the Don Jackson running game help ? Kalinic getting more playing time with the offence adds to the blocking . Sticking with the run game well into the 4th quarter has helped .
Our D stopped Stanback RB Als and Foster RB Argos . Stopping Harris is the next challenge .

Pat Lynch (I got a good feeling )


Blue Bombers suspend Canadian offensive lineman Asotui Eli . He's not vaccinated so he's not travelling . I guess he'll be missing out on some money .

Champions Share : ($16,000)
The winning team of grey cup will received their share of $16k from the upcoming 108th edition held at Hamilton, Ontario
Runners-up Share: ($8,000)
Team who lost the final of the grey cup 2021, will received their share of prize money ($8k) for the competition.
MVP Player Bonus : ($10,000)
There will be $10k award for the player who got selected for most valuable player at grey cup 2021.
MVP Canadian : ($5,000)
It’s confirmed that the player from Canada selected for most valuable award will received share of $5k from the prize money 

Pat Lynch (the cost of being non-compliant)


Andrew Harris was favouring his one hand after a play late in the Western final, .....

Which hand? Be sure to pass along to Orlondo et al.

Why, does the loosing team have to endorce the check?

Check?............who writes checks anymore?

(It will get funnier as the week goes on)

Does anyone remember the last time Collaros played a game, not as a TiCat, at THF? This is not a quiz, it’s a question! :grimacing:

I am going to say that it was the season opener for the 2019 season, when Zach visited THF as the Starting QB for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, but he did not finish that game.
I do not recall the exact circumstances . . .

Zach did get a chance to play us again that season (not at THF), but the helmet that he was handed on that day, had different colours on it. My memory is a little foggy on that entire sequence of events.


I suspect you may be reminded of the circumstances by Mr. Suitor once or twice on Sunday.

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didnt think of that. thanks.

When I decide to watch a replay of the TSN broadcast, I am quite certain that it will no longer be Sunday . . .
And by that point, Willie Jefferson & Jackson Jeffcoat will be contemplating retirement because they are so deeply dejected after being thoroughly dominated by Chris VanZeyl & Jordan Murray . . . the fans can help to make this a reality on Sunday, through our contributions as the totally amp'd up, 13th MAN (or person) !!!

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