The Winner of the 1st annual Fantasy Huddle is....

Fooks! are the champ, and have bragging rights for the next year, sorry about the delay.

congrats Fooks !

Fooks adds the Fantasy Huddle title to his FSN Huddle-ite titles.

We're not worthy!!
We're not worthy!!

......hey, way to go Fooks, da man.....

Ya. And were da amateurs who played the game till the end so you would be able to say you beat plenty of people. You should be the one thanking us.

Congrats Fooks.

Eskimos 32001, sorry to steal the thunder from ya. I sent Fooks my picks yesterdays cause the suspense was killing both of us. Fooks tallied them up and we crowned him the winner yesterday.

no problem..i didnt even tally 'em up, just looked at em and pronounced Fooks the winner....should've done that earlier.

Where is Fooks? he should come a take a bow.

Heh, sorry Kucha, I don't come on the forum during the week-ends.

Thanks all, it was fun and challenging. I know my girlfriend is glad cfl is done so she doesn't have to hear about who 'always gets their points' and complaining endlessly about having to pick a second qb/running back, etc.

Living and breathing CFL is done for another year. I'm not one to get into wild speculations and/or pointless flamefests so....I'll see you all next year!