The "Wilson" factor!

Good to hear that Eric Wilson will be back on the starting front four on Sunday.

For the D-line, the scheme is simple - Printers MUST be contained. He has to be running for his life all game long. A hurried Printers is an ineffective Printers. Wilson will help in that regard. The DEs will also have to ensure that they have contain. Wilson has also been effective against Mallett; this is good becasue I'm sure that he will get more than a few touches in the game.

Still, the Als will need to come out sharp and execute. I hope they score a couple of TDs early on. A team becomes very predictable when they're playing catch-up making life a little easier for the D-line. Let's hope that BC is playing catch-up from the get-go.

The addition of Wilson will, I hope, make a difference. Go Als go!!!

That's a bit contradictory isn't it? Which do you want, to contain Printers in the pocket, or flush him out so that he's running a lot? I'm not sure which poison is worse. . .

I guess I'd lean to trying to contain him in the pocket. Keep the ends on contain, and bottle up the middle; when Printers is out of the pocket, he buys time, he throws well on the run, and with the extra time, and those good receivers they've got, someone is bound to come open for him.

Keep Printers in the pocket and you greatly increase your chances of shutting him down. It's not that he's a bad pocket-passer. It's more that he excels throwing on the run and extending the play so his receivers can get open on the deep routes. The Lions are a big-play team. Stop their big-play capability and you stop them cold.

True. However, I was referring to running for his life, meaning he doesn't have time to make secondary or tertiary reads. Result? Toss it into row 15 to avoid a loss. That's the "running for his life" I meant. If he is contained to pocket-passing, the D must finish him off and at least force him to rush his throws.

I'm all for that.

Good point. I don't care how good your secondary is, you can't cover Jackson and Simon forever.

The “Wilson” factor! …

You are talking about O’neil Wilson? He played a great game for BC… and might be pumped up to play against his old team.

No. Eric Wilson of the Als - DT.

Definitely need to keep Printers in the pocket where we get most of our sacks. Stewart and Bowman have done fantastic jobs this year on QB contain roles and rarely get beat on that so if we get a good push from Williams and Wilson. The lions Oline has not been their strong point this year so we should try to take advantage of that and Eric Wilson will help a lot in that regard

In the 2 previous meetings, BC and the Als split the season, albeit with a controversial call which would have given a W to the Als. Nonetheless, the point spread was low in both games. A big play on O or D would have made a difference for either team.

No doubt BC knows that the "13th man" will be a factor at the Big O. If I were the BC O Coordinator, I would have a few deep routes to hopefully have a couple of quick scores to take out the 13th man. A silenced crowd, no matter how large, is no longer a factor. Printers, with a good lead early on, would be able to call his plays at leisure.

So, from the Als' standpoint, it's "statement time". On O, the Als should aim for a couple of quick scores - TDs, that is. On D, the Wilson-reinforced D line and secondary would have to ensure that Printers is NEVER comfortable either in the pocket or rolling out.

Then the D team, aided by the 13th man, becomes an invincible force. The O team, of course, has to keep racking up the points. Let's make sure that the game is never close.