The Wildcat inneffective?

I didn't care for the use of the Wildcat on the 1 yard line last night.

Why would you move your quarterback out of the backfield. Unless the running back is capable of throwing to the quarterback or handing off to a receiver this play is nonsense. You might as well try to run the ball with one less player on the field, and tell the defense what you are going to do. As soon as the QB moves out of the backfield, there is no deception, as the defense knows you are going to run, so they just crowd the line of scrimmage, and stuff the play.

They would be better off to keep the QB close, and have him move to one side of the center like he is calling a play out to the receivers, and have a direct snap go to the running back. Don't put him out like he is a receiver. That call partially kille our chance of having a comeback.


8) That would have been the ideal time to bring in Adam Tafralis, and do a direct snap to him, a couple of feet off of the center. Then he could either run or throw it for the touchdown !!!

The one yard line isnt the greatest place to run it, but im glad that we at least have it in the playbook

It looked as though there was a lot of running room around the right end on that play. With Cobb's speed, he may have scored. It looked that way on other occasions when they tried to run him up the middle also.

I noticed this as well. I think it was a read play and Cobb missed the read. It looked as though Williams had a great seal block on the right edge to make the play. Cobb will pick up those reads as he gets time.

This is an embarrassing formation. I've seen it attempted twice this season, once by the Argos, once by the Cats. Both were ugly failures. A QB dive or an old fashioned handoff would've been fine in that situation. Even a play action, qb draw or pass. Anything but the wildcat. It's a useless gimmick formation. I don't know who they thought they were fooling with it. Scratch it from the playbook please.

How do you expect us to do a direct snap when Hage cant even do a regular snap?

Unless you have a converted Qb on your roster the wildcat can only go so far. If the runnig back isn't a threat to throw the Defense can play the run at will.

On the 1 yard line is a horrible spot to use it cos you lose the space behind them for other things to happen and stretch out lanes to run in.

It was an interesting, creative play, and if Cobb had scored (which he almost did), we would be praising the play instead of criticizing it.

I don't second guess play calling now for that reason. As long as the plays take chances and are creative, I'm fine with them. Not every play is going to succeed perfectly.

I agree­. The wildcat is not a goal line offensive play. Its not ineffective up here. In matter of fact, a formation like that is what the CFL needs. The coaching staffs up here need to start making better use of it for a twelve man league. What I mean to say is that they could keep the qb in the shotgun and start doing direct snaps to a rb for example where the qb steps back out of the way for the running back to catch a snap and run with it. one variation of a wildcat that would work.

Really??? Cuz, I've actually seen him complete quite a few successfully... :roll:

The problem with the Wildcat in the way it has been used up in Canada is that it’s not being set up right.

In the case of the Cats, everyone and their brother knew that they were going to run out of the formation on the goal line.

To set up the Wilcat, you either have to have shown it earlier in the game and have both passed and run out of it or you have run a few plays in a row with a regular formation (QB behind centre) where you have run the ball. Then when you run the wildcat, they don’t know if you are going to pass or run and they have to respect the pass first.

You can only be successful in the wildcat if you have a player who can also throw. The Argos should run the wildcat because of Reggie McNeal. I think they are missing the boat by not using him in this formation.

The Argos blew the Wilcat as well last week because I think it might have been the second or third time they showed it and they had only run with Robertson. They knew the run was coming, they snuffed it out, and there was a bad lateral.

You need to make the defense respect the pass to make it effective. Otherwise, it’s basically just a RB sweep.

Agreed. Our use of it in Montreal was puzzling, especially in a goal line situation where the defense is likely to line up with 8 men in the box anyway.

You can only be successful in the wildcat if you have a player who can also throw. The Argos should run the wildcat because of Reggie McNeal. I think they are missing the boat by not using him in this formation.
[i]Don't give them any ideas!!![/i] :twisted:

IMHO for the Wilcat to be effective, it needs to be run as a play set with several options on who takes the snap and eventually gets the ball, Run as a no huddle set, there should be two qb,s on the field , Run as it is in NFL, it just easily tips of the defence(CFL D,s) and they just pin their ears back and bring the house, a direct snap to the R B out of the shotgun with qb behind center is more effective .