The whinning and crying about game quality is embarrassing!

Some posters feel a entitlement to a 44 43 last second game every night. You are owed nothing ! This is why we watch live sports , for the unpredictability aspect. Go watch pro wrestling if you want something contrived or "reality TV " . Sports goes in cycles, some years games are not very close and scoring from year to year fluctuates. It's one year , SUCK IT UP ! If not , your not much of a fan any way and you won't be missed. Real fans stick through the tough times and then enjoy the good times that much more than fickle fans !

I feel entitled to good football long before Labour Day comes. I feel entitled to QBs who throw a pass that is on target (within arms reach at least) far more times than it's not. I feel entitled to receivers that can catch a pass when the ball is put right in their hands. I feel entitled to RB and QB who know how to run with the ball and not drop it because they changed direction. I feel entitled to officials that are there to officiate the game not garner as much screen time as they can for their fragile egos. I feel entitled to coaches who don't abuse that flag in their pocket by challenging obviously good calls simply to get a long time out.

Mostly, at the halfway point in the regular season of a professional football league I feel entitled to good entertaining football in the majority of games. Personally I find the whinning and crying about the whining and crying that the game quality is embarrassing because of the low scores is embarrassing when a significant majority of posters here have said that number of points has nothing to do with the poor quality, it is simply the poor play that is making the league embarrassing. Send Montreal down to the CJFL and they still wouldn't be able to win.

I think there has been some great football...If you like D. The Ds overall are really good this year. That said, the average O is way around that....and the bad Os have been just painful. We have had a lot of games not decided until into the 4th...a significant number IMO, but probably 1/2 of those were because of anemic offenses. If it had not been for the penalty parade, this probably is a dead issue. That seems to be trending down now, so we shall see.

Last nights Ottawa/Als game was still in doubt in the 4th but it was about as exciting as a snail race. Last weeks BC/Rider game was also a low scoring game and not decided until the 4th but it was a good game. The difference was the O. Last night the offenses were horrible and did more to shoot themselves in the foot than the opposing D did while the Rider/Lions game was good D against good O. When the offense failed it was because of great play by the defense rather than an offense that couldn't throw, catch, carry or hold onto a football.


pretty good example

It's not whether CFL fans will watch and care. We always have. We always will. The problem is, we are not going to find new fans with the kind of games we have had this season.

I would like to see the apologist come up with some examples of how these games are supposedly great games and not just falling back on the excuse that "low scoring games can be exciting" with out any support for their statement.

You yourself provided the answer to refute your argument, the Sask/BC game… even the Mtl/Sask game was a pretty good despite the low score… most of the other games were entertaining to watch, minus a couple of blowouts… even Ottawa’s win was compelling to watch to see if they could win their 1st game… so to say its boring football is just sour grapes that its not 35-30 score each time out

Did you actually watch the Montreal/Ottawa game? There is no universe in which that was good football. There’s been an awful lot of that this year, where people pretend that offenses incapable of catching balls are somehow “good defense”.

I love the apologists out here trying to claim that this season hasn’t been bad by cherry picking a couple of games and going “see, not all low scoring games are terrible!” As if anybody had actually claimed that in the first place. There can be exciting low scoring games. We’ve been getting mostly crap on a stick.

Well, bonus points for admitting that it’s bad football this year. People complaining about the complaining are far less annoying then the people who love dropped balls and flags.

The only reason I said the game was compelling was to see if Ottawa could win the game… I didn’t say the game itself was a great one… you should read more carefully… for an expansion year, dilution of talent, and the number of players that jumped to the NFL from the CFL, you aren’t going to get the 60 to 70 point games, doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been good football games played this year

bravo to the post

Points don’t enter into the equation. Quality of play. I hear people rave about the Bills/Giants Super Bowl because it was a 1 point game decided on the last play, but I rank that game as one of the most boring SB’s I’ve seen. It was a dull boring game because of the Giants game plan (which did work). The 1996 Grey Cup was one of the best, but not because of the score, because of how well the teams were able to play despite poor weather conditions and there were some great plays on both sides of the ball that day. Points were scored because players made amazing plays. The play of the best Grey Cup of them all gets over looked because it set a record for points and was won on a last minute field goal, but how many forget Tony Champions catch to tie the game. Greatest catch in football history in my opinion. NFL or CFL. Weather wasn’t a factor just 2 good offenses that lit it up with great plays. Fans key on the # of points scored but it was the great plays that made those games not the # of TDs.

Good play is exciting, whether points are scored or not.

Well, its about time you came around to that conclusion, because that what most have been saying, but you and few other seemed to want to 45-35 games on a consistent basis… that is not happening this year, and I counted about 6 or 7 games where the winning team has scored 20 pts or less…doesn’t mean that all those games were clunkers either… both teams don’t need to score 30+ points for a game to be exciting, just good football, and if both Ds are dominant means its going to be low scoring-- lots of games have been that way this year.

Anyone who thought the game quality wouldn't drop in an expansion year wasn't paying close enough attention. With nine teams, the talent is spread out more thinly, particularly in the area of national content (which is why I'm in favour of dropping the number of starting nationals to 6). Every league has years like this. I admit, the games haven't been things of beauty, but as the OP said, that's what makes pro sports (not WWE) so compelling. You don't know how things are going to turn out.

Ya expansion years typically see a bit of quality drop off. Can’t agree with dropping nationals to 6 however. If anything I would like to see it increased. Our junior and university programs would suffer if the opportunities to a pro-career diminished. Instead the CFL should invest more in developing our local talent. I refuse to believe that US players are somehow genetically superior athletes.

There’s been a misunderstanding then because I have never equated points to quality. I want a good game. Great passing, amazing catches, great returns, runners breaking tackles, hard hits, solid D that shuts down the offense. The last one is why I find games with Duanne Forde so painful to watch. A lot of what goes on with the D is not seen live and Forde is so busy discussing young Carters famous father or Bartel’s Aussie heritage to shut up that idiot Black there are a lot of opportunities missed to expand through replay what just happened. Sometimes you can’t a brief glimpse of the block that opened up another 20-30 yards for a runner and sometimes it’s off camera. That key block is far more important to the excitement of the play than anything Black or Lu could possibly have to say.

Final score tells you nothing. 1976 Grey Cup was 23-20 but was one of the best Grey Cup every played. 1981 game was 26-23 and had everything you would want in the big game.

:cowboy: I am with dcmoses on this one.

I love the CFL game, its rules and wide open field. Still, with those offensive advantages, snoozefests can occur. Some said earlier the only reason they stayed watching the Ottawa vs. Montreal game was to see if Ottawa could win another game. The quality of play and lack of exciting plays was paramount.
I like defensive football and believe TSN could use more replays with explanation to illustrate good defence. Some coverage has the occasional sounds through mic placement on players which really emphasizes the brute strength required to play and the sounds of contact whilst playing football. It brings the audience right down to field level and makes one feel like one is on the field fighting off blockers and sticking it to ball carriers and receivers. Just a suggestion to liven up games.
2. Expansion has watered down the league naturally and lack of experienced quarterbacks is definetly a factor. But, as with any year, things should improve with teams becoming more efficient and playing better. One thought though is usually the offenses have the advantage early in the season then defenses tighten up. I hope the reverse becomes true this season.
3. Let's hope this weekend blows the dullness out past games and we witness some thrilling finishes and highlight reel plays.

  1. Except for the Bombers when they play my beloved Riders!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :wink:

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Your posts came across as high scoring= good game… sorry if I misunderstood what you meant

No worries sambo. Hope we get 3 good games with the LD classics starting today and of course the Banjo Bowl next week.