The Where in the World is Bob Young Poll

How many games will the Ticats have to win before the Caretaker starts chatting with fans again?

If he's smart, he won't resurface until the temperature in Hamilton reaches at least 60 degrees.

Can you blame him for staying put where he is ? :lol:

It's been so cold in Hamilton this winter, I'm sure even logging onto Ticats.Ca would get your keyboard frosty and you'd freeze your fingers off if you live in the south anywhere and aren't used to it. -lol-

Frozen fingers? Where is he Lorimer Lake?

Isn't he in the Carolinas ?

It must be getting nice down there. Sure better than the past week here.

Where is 'Once the beer is cold and the topic is right' on the poll list?

Perhaps we should start waiting for Google's 'Street View service' to help us. It provides viewers with an image that can be rotated a full 360 degrees, hasn't launched in Canada yet. The company hasn't set a launch date, only saying a couple of weeks ago it will happen "very soon."

Then we can play 'Where's Waldo' for real.

See CBC story that says Hamilton isn't even one of the first eleven cities. Winnipeg is one of 11 Canadian cities to get the Google treatment over the next few months. The others are Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax, Quebec City, Saint John and Saskatoon.

Regina and Hamilton left out again.

Oskee wee wee

Hey my cottage is on Lorimer right beside the Tim's Camp. Its not that cold up there :smiley:

So when's the party? Tell me what to bring! :slight_smile: