The Western Division basement is an unacceptable place to be

....I know we are only a third of the way into this year's campaign, but I am very disappointed in the results this team has is unreasonable to assume we should be 7-0, but IMO of the losses we have sustained only the last one to Montreal was one where you could say the team tried and could leaving the field knowing they played for their paycheques...the blow out to Saskatchewan was ridiculous, and the one to Toronto was even more embarrassing seeing how Toronto has fared since then...and the loss in our own house to a very beatable Lions crew was nothing but shameful... I said, it's early, but the current position this team holds in the standings is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE given the talent and experience this unit has....end of rant...

Thought the Stamps would be better than this but I'm sure they'll improve as the season goes on as long as it's not til after this weeks tilt with the Lions. LOL

Your team is very confusing R&W. I for one am surprised to see them in the basement. I expected more. I expected to see them challenging for top spot. One week they look good, the next week they seem to take a holiday.

The Stamps season can be boiled down to one thing, defence. No linemen and an inexperienced secondary.

How can you blame the the Stamps poor start to the season souly on the defence. True they have not had a great start. But the offence has been inconsistent, especially for the weapons they have at the recieveing core. I think where the problems start on offense are Jacques Chapdelaine. 65 touches for Joffrey Reynolds IMO the best back in the league,(Roberts) is inexcuseable. Henry Burris is not Dave Dickenson, Chapdelaine had a pure passer in B.C. and he doesn't have one in Calgary. Burris has never prooven it. Until Reynolds is used more effectively, plus the defense steps it up. Get used to the basement cuz you'll be there all year.

Sorry about that, I mean George Cortez. I had a total brain cramp. Put my point still remains Joffrey Joffrey Joffrey!

I had the Eskies on the brain a little premature., nice recovery....and I agree, if they do not find a better balance to their offensive approach it will be a battle with the esks for the remainder of the year....

I will agree that the offence has not been impressive this year, especially not getting Reynolds the ball enough. The numbers speak for themselves though. Calgary's average yards of offence per game are not that bad, our points per game is middle of the road, in fact, most offensive numbers are middle of the road. What's killing us is our yards allowed on the ground and watching possesion receiver (albeit very good ones) like Cahoon torch the secondary on the same route twice. Browner is our best corner and he's a rookie. Trey Young has stepped it up this year but he's only one guy. The defensive line padded their sack total against a bad Montreal O-line last week, but can't stop the run for trying.
Burris needs to up his completion rate, and hold on to the ball but the number speak for themselves.
I'll be the last guy to call Burris a good QB but defence wins championships and we don't have any.

I'm surprised the Stamps' offense is sputtering, with all the talent you guys have, especially at receiver. Defense, I'm not as surprised. It takes time for a secondary to come together and your D-line has been ravaged by injury.

…thank you offense for putting together a proud performance last Friday…keep at it…we are not out of trouble yet especially with two games coming up against the Esks…

Ya they definately did there job.