The West

All the teams in the West came out to play this weekend except for Saskatchewan. Obviously Calgary and BC aren't going to hand us our home playoff game on a silver platter.

Our deficiencies covered every facet of the onfield performance. Even our coaching staff seemed to be out of it by not throwing the challenge flag twice in the first half. An overturn of either of those plays could have changed the flow of the game.

We better react quickly or a 9 and 9 season will not be out of the question.

Don't be too quick to wave the white flag dusty100. Calgary was firing on all cylynders last game. The way they played, I'm not sure any of the seven teams could have beaten them Saturday.

I expect you guys to bounce back against the Lions. Even though we won the first game at Taylor field, the Lions tradionally have had problems playing there. Rumour has it, Turkeybend is working on a giant wind mill to increase the wind velocity which seems to screw up the Lions! :wink: :wink:

Should be a close, hard playing, hard hitting game next week, looking forward to it.