The West is tighter than ...

a fat guy in spandex.
a pair of Lululemon pants.
the beer line at Mosaic.
the bathroom at the Calgary Stampede.
the spot in front of the heater in Edmonton.

Someone is going to drop into a second place tie with the Lions (if we can beat the Bombers) this weekend.
Nobody is out of contention (well maybe Edmonton) for first place. It's going to be a very interesting few weeks coming up.

The Lions are a "comein", but can they win in Pegville. Mike Kelly is not going away.

They’ll want revenge for their previous shellacking, but this team is HUNGRY now, is gonna be an awesome game

:lol: :lol:

Man... Before today I thought Calgary would take first. Now I'm not so sure. The only thing I'm sure of is Edmonton will finish fourth.

the CFL website hasit wrong,

they have the Eskimos first in the Cross over race..

when the rules clearly state that in order to win the cross over you have to have more points than the 3rd place East team to make it.

Correct me if i'm wrong, but aren't the BC and Winnipeg RB's the two best in the league at the moment? Not to mention the addition of Jamall Lee in BC and the strong play of Bernard in Winnipeg. I fully expect to see s strong running game from both teams.

I doubt Jamall Lee would be used as a running back next week for the Lions. At best he might help on kick return teams and ST coverage. The Lions have designs to turn Lee into a receiver, but probably not until next season.

It's looking like the Lions are headed to first place with a usual. They've played in the Western Final the last 5 seasons, hosting it 4 times. The Lion QB's are the best in the league right now, except maybe for the Als, but we beat them too!

Bucky Pierce is playing well, although they may have to duct tape his arm on if he continues to take a pounding.

Calgary needs to fix the offence, or they may not win another game and miss the playoffs.

My hope when all is said and done, by Grey Cup time in Nov, the results look like this...

  1. Saskatchewan
  2. Calgary
  3. BC
  4. Edmonton (potential cross over)

Semi Final

Calgary over BC

West Final

Saskatchewan over Calgary

Grey Cup

Saskatchewan Vs. Montreal (a 1st in Grey Cup history)

a roast beef sandwich

....Bucky better be swift in the Peg....cuz those two new DE'S the Bombers have Hunt and Willis wreaked havoc on the Cats...If they do that to the lions.....this game could be another 2 pts. for the Bigblue...good luck... :wink:

The Riders are in the best position to take first place in the west. Hopefully this is the year they capitalize.

how your balls feel when you wedgied 30 feet up on a nail on a telephone pole. :stuck_out_tongue: