The West is a Dogfight . . . and the dogs are big!

Wow! I cannot remember when a division was this close.

No team can afford mistakes. Any losses will change the standings drastically.
It is incredible.

The West is a dog fight.
The East is more like a cat fight. (not making fun of Ti-Cats)

I will not be cheering for Montreal on Sunday versus Riders.

Cam Wake is the dominant dog in the CFL right now, and I think he's going to drag the Leos to the Cup.

Whoever gets to the West final healthier will make it to the show. I think it will be Calgary, BC has an outside chance if they can win their division and get a by. Saskatchewan's work ehtics won't be enough. Edmonton's lack of NI talent and poor coaching makes them even more of a longshot. At this point I see Winnipeg beating Saskatchewan or Edmonton at home in an East Crossover. It should be Calgary or BC vs Montreal in November.

I still really believe that the Riders will be in the Grey Cup. Of course that is mostly due to my EXTREME bias.

The Lions are the biggest threat, again. Their defence is sick! I guess Their secondary is the weakest part of their defence. The only chance might be to go DEEEEEEEEP on them. Running at them won't help and shallow passes aren't going to work either.

The Stamps have an offence but I think they are overrated or lucky or something.

The Eskies are toast!

The Riders are having trouble without a consistent roster. They need to pick it up bigtime.

The Riders need to have a huge improvement in many phases of the game to have any hope at getting back to the Grey Cup. Of course it's possible but we need our receivers back, our QB needs to stop making the terrible decisions he's been making most of his career (which I think is unlikely at this point) and our play calling needs to get a lot better.
I don't think any Western teams should hope for a crossover as Winnipeg is playing well and Montreal is looking more and more like one of the top 1 or 2 teams in the league. I don't think anyone should wish to face these guys.

If any team is toast its the Riders not the Eskies. The Eskies at least have a QB.

As a Stamp fan I'd rather play the Riders any day over the Eskimos.

Oh did I mention the Stamps are in first place :cowboy:

The prbolem lady green is the third place team in the east is not as good as the fourth place team in the west. It is hghly unlikely that will change. Thus the fourth place team in the west will go fight itout in the east.

Really the Stamps are in first place did not know that I thought it was tie.

In the western standings my good man , in the west :wink:


No doubt about that, I just don’t think it’s smart to think the east playoffs will be any easier than the west would be.

Your right the team from the west could have two road games down east which will not be a picnic.

Especially if the cross over team is my Eskimos. We have an impressive 6-19 record on the road over the last 3 seasons. Sorry, did I say impressive...? :roll:

Ya never know chief if a team does get on a roll can them keep it going. I think it is tough being down east playing as much as it is tough for the eastern teams playing in the west. Theres no place like home. I still do not think your team is eastern bound though.

I am looking forward to the Saskatchewan Calgary back to back. This meeting is key in the West. I think if Saskatchewan can't turn their slide around, they will be fighting Edmonton to see who gets to go through the Eastern Teams to the Grey Cup. A sweep by Calgary makes them the ultimate favourite in the West. A BC Calgary Western Final would have so many story lines.

Calgary,who I think has the Best GROUP of receivers and BC who I think has the best defensive front four will have an interesting story line. Will BC's Defense be quick enough to hurry Burris so he CAN'T Use those Best group of receivers? Can Calgary's O-line stop the rush? Will both teams try to "re-invent" the running game to buy time for their respective Quarterbacks.

So many questions.

Thinking too far ahead!

Now back to Calgary Vs Saskatchewan......... :wink:

I think BC has an advantage in the fact we still get to play Toronto twice.

If I'm not mistaken we have the argos twice, eskies twice and Calgary to end the season. By that time I think it will be a 2 horse race, the Stamps and the Leos. Saskatchewan's injuries will continue to catch up with them and I believe Edmonton will finish third.

Lucky for the Riders they get to crossover, although by that time I think Winnipeg will be playing good.

I will stick with my pre-season prediction of a BC-Winnipeg Grey Cup in Montreal.

Well BC does get an advantage by playing the ARGOS twice. Then the Eskies after that.

In all likelyhood BC will tear those teams apart.

As far as Calgary goes . . . We will see after the Back to Backs.

...I think we split the back to back with your team Thril....only this time I hope the teams get the memo that says they are supposed to get the W in their home stadium, not on the road....

You know, the funny this is it doesn't matter if Calgary loses first place. They might as well be at home considering they have a 5-2 road record this season...Not even Montreal is that good on the road.

Not really understanding what it is you just said.

Theyre playing so well on the road, its like they`re always at home. :expressionless: