The West in Week 4

As much as I would love it (pray for it) if Hamilton, Toronto and Montreal would win this week. I doubt it will happen. I predict a western sweep this weekend. A mopping of the eastern floor so to speak.


I'm leaning the same way, based solely on performances of the last couple weeks (and one slight ounce of homerism)...but we do know this is the CFL, and it's anyone's ballgame...

Riders. 4-0.

Mercury Morris is starting to worry....

I call for one east win, it will either be Montreal or Hamilton.

If by “Montreal” you mean Hamilton, then I agree :lol:

wow thats a bold statement....

Riders 4-0! (I hope)

I don’t think Mercury Morris will be getting too crazy over a 4-0 start. :smiley:

And if it is another western sweep?

It will end 2-2. Both Toronto and Montreal will win.


I completely agree. For some reason I don't see BC gaining any ground this week. I think it will be a western sweep so to speak.

I don't think Toronto's problems are solved.
I don't think much of Hamilton without Lumsden
I think Montreal will cool down on the prairies
Winnipeg is brutal, and yet I like them to make the GC. Doug Berry will be fired if the Bombers lose...