The West hates us

Thats what I get from the CFL Fan zone.Fans from Edmonton,B.C in particular with a lone Sask crumb feeder still hanging around.What the hell do they have against us?We complain about crappy refs and the red necks start bitching like little babies and they all want us to lose this weekend against Montreal.I hope and pray we win this weekend and go all the way just those rotten western eggs will shut thier cake holes.Does anybody know why the westerners have thier knickers twisted when it comes to Hamilton and football?Can we pull off the upset of the year? :cowboy:

Well if Winnipeg wins the East final then there will be two Western cities in the Grey Cup , should make everyone happy.

are you speaking of the forums on

I don’t see any overt negativity on the Cats…Got a link?

So stop complaining about the crappy refs.

But it's so fun. And easy.

The real question here is why no other team's fans seem to complain about the poor officiating. Are they all complacent about it? Are they not involved in as many close games where a single bad call can affect the outcome? Or are more bad calls actually made against the Ticats than other teams?

I find it difficult to believe the last conspiracy theory possibility, although there is that study about teams that wear black uniforms getting penalized more, so maybe there is some truth in that? I suspect it's probably down to the number of close games we've lost, and in most of them, we can point to a specific bad call or two that cost us enough points to make the difference between winning and losing.

there is that study about teams that wear black uniforms getting penalized more, so maybe there is some truth in that?
It is entirely possible, as black is a visibly conspicuous and discernible color, or anti-color, thus may be more prone to following the ref's eyes.

I know my eyes are prone to following black skimpy bikinis so there must be some truth to that theory. :wink:

Am I the only one who doesn't care?

That study was incredibly skewed by the existence of the Oakland Raiders.

As long as the officials don't side with the western fans...(again?).

I'm with appears that some Ticat fans have taken on a "Rodney Dangerfield" persona and suffer from some form of inferiority complex.

It probably varies because I’ve lurked around in some of the Western teams forums over the last few months and a lot of the time they are cheering for us. Usually out of sympathy or because they are sick of the Als.

I always cheer for the Ti-cats (except when they're playing the Stamps, of course). Don't paint every western fan the same just because of a few rednecks (we're not all like that) :wink:

So a handful of fans on some random forum almost no one goes to means the entire west hates Hamilton? Try to see past the tip of your nose.

Toronto the least liked city in Canada, especially by Westerners

I have lived in Vancouver since 2003 and have never heard anyone say one negative thing about eastern or any other cities and people. Is delusion a cool thing these days or something? Why are so many peoples thoughts ruled by untruths?

Delusion is not reality. Reality is reality.

Most of the so called eternal optimists around here who see everything through rose colored glasses will not like your truthful quote. :lol: :lol: :lol:

One thinks 2,300 people speak for 34 million. Thats a pretty good sample.

Come on Zen state use your brain if you have one.Do you think I would just randomly say something out of now where.Take a look in the site before you open your mouth. :smiley: