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3:34 - It's official - the stadium will be at the West Harbour.

Here's the count:




9:56 - City finance guy Rob Rossini says it would cost $18 to $20 million
to keep Ivor Wynne going over the next 10 years.

     Beyond 10 years, the city could spend as much as $93 million. 

     A new stadium will cost $128 million, $55 million of which will be city money.

Some highlights

9:56 - City finance guy Rob Rossini says it would cost $18 to $20 million
to keep Ivor Wynne going over the next 10 years.

     Beyond 10 years, the city could spend as much as $93 million. 

     A new stadium will cost $128 million, $55 million of which will be city money.

11:52 - Council members are still asking questions about the Deloitte report.

      We still have to get through public delegations, the debate, and the in-camera session.

Lloyd Ferguson just brought up the parking issue -

he said his residents support the west harbour location,
but "they wonder what we're smoking down here"

that so few parking spots are on the table.

12:35 - Moving very, very slowly along. We're starting to hear public delegations right now.

First up is Chamber of Commerce CEO John Dolbec,
who is endorsing the West Harbour location.

Other delegates included Andrew Iler from the National Cycling Centre,
Tom Cooper from the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction

and Kathy Drewitt from the downtown BIA.

2:08 - The public delegations are finally finished.

At this rate, this meeting won't be finished until 7 p.m.

Everyone is taking a much-needed half-hour break.

2:45 - We're back. Apparently some councillors have to leave around 3:30

  • so in the interest of time, they're voting on the location of the stadium right now.

3:28 - We're very, very close to the vote.

Councillor Brian McHattie just announced he will oppose the West Harbour spot
because he's concerned his colleagues will push for more parking spots.

He says his support of West Harbour is contingent on
alternative means of transportation taking a leading role.

"It's official - the stadium will be at the West Harbour."

Nothing is official at this point.

The Pan Am Games venue committee has yet to approve Hamilton as the home to the Pan Am Stadium......that decision is a way's off yet. All that happened today is the city voted on a location Hamilton will hang it's hat on and hoping for approval by the committee.....

Court battles, environmental assessments and massive cost over-runs are going to be the determining factor for the venue selection committee. If they see way too many problems creeping in, they could award the whole stadium thing to another city in a New York minute as David Braley explained a while back.

(Canada just won it's third gold !) :smiley:

I know some people don't agree but I am so very happy that this vote has taken place and onwards we go.

Regardless of what people think, the west harbourfront location is the nicest and most scenic and we all agree on that. I will be able to say to my folks in London we have a nicer stadium and location than TD Waterhouse - and nicer than Ralph Wilson that's for sure in boonies and Rogers Centre concrete enclosure feel stadium that is not designed for football.

Very nice and I'm prepared, as long as I keep my job, to pay a bit of a license fee beyond my seasons tickets for fund raising. Here's hoping it all ends up being passed by the Pan-Am Committee :thup: :thup: :thup:

For selfish reasons, this is exactly where I want the stadium even if it might not mean the most revenue generating site for the Cats. And I'll even go to a soccer game at the new stadium and hopefully we can get a United team (whatever they call it) so we can take on the Red Patch Boys TFC'ers in the Canadian thingy (whatever they call it) :stuck_out_tongue:

Football and soccer close to downtown and the bayfront, nice! :thup: :thup: :thup: Remember Braley is only a member of the committee, he isn't the head honcho of the committee. He doesn't rule the roost but I do agree, we have to push this thing aggresively and no pansy around type of thing or else someone might step in and grab from us. That CANNOT happen.

Get on board deer, see the glass as at least half full rather than empty. :wink:

"Get on board deer, see the glass as at least half full rather than empty. :wink:"

I'd love to, but not at that location. It's a lousy location for the Tiger-Cats going forward into a new era and building a new fan me, it's just more of the same in a more remote location. Doing the same things expecting different results is not a good thing. Unfortunately for the Ticats, they are stuck having to make the best out of a less than desirable location for the next 80 years (assuming Hamilton is approved by the selection committee)....and yes, given no other choice, I'm sure the Ticats will put on a brave face and have to live with it.....

We'll see how this all shakes out now with the legal battles, remediation, costs, environmental assessments etc......and the venue selection will be entertaining to watch though especially when all the warning signs were there... :wink:

OK now that the site is chosen lets put pressure to bear on the good folks of city hall to put forward a plan that will move people in and out on game days in a fashion fans will actually use. Frankly the first order of business is to figure out a way to give shuttles unobstructed access and egress to the front doors of the stadium on all event days. The second order of business is to figure out a shuttle system from the Caroline Terminal that won't require outrageous wait times. This assumes of course that land remediation and private sector contributions will take care of themselves

there is parking for 18000 to20000 at copps when there is hockey [canada cup] or a concert youre only looking at 5000 more people and they are adding 600 more spots.i dont see a problem

The really hard part begins now: the City now needs to find private sector support for the $60 million needed to build a larger stadium at that location. Stay tuned.

Or get $60 million from said investors, form a consortium and purchase and renovate Ivor Wynne into the spectacular 30,000 seat stadium it could easily be......and keep the Tiger-Cats exactly where they are.......

Given a choice of the two locations, I'd rather focus back on Ivor Wynne and let the city do whatever they want with their 15,000 seater down in the north end. The city has clearly voted for their own agenda by wanting it down by the railway be it.

As a bonus, any new owners of Ivor Wynne (Tiger-Cats and others?) would already have an awesome videoboard there which would stay in a purchase I would think......and the renovations could be spread out over years so all the cash isn't needed immediately.

..just a thought.....

More than 1/2 of those spots are beyond King St. Its a lot more of a hike to Rheem than to Copps. Parking WILL be a problem. To ignore this fact is pure folly. There are solutions and the challenge is to find solutions that people will get on board with. The current parking situation not only is inadequate but if the goal of revitalizing the area unfolds as promised many of todays parking options will disappear in favour of new buildings

As a Ticat fan I like the idea of revitalizing IWS with private money and telling the city to have fun with their white elephant. It cannot happen tho as the city will simply refuse to sell IWS for use as a stadium thus protecting their investment. As a taxpayer I'm glad at least the city has this hammer

IWS is in a hole of an area, not meaning it's a ghetto but it's horrible as a scenic backdrop to market the city, why anyone wants to keep the stadium there is beyond me if you want to see this city go forward with a different image. But to each his own.

Look, IWS is more convenient for me than any site there is but I care about this city's image and IWS is horrrrrrrible for a new look for the city. It's near the steel factories for pete sakes. What's so hard to figure out about that.

In time I know that people like AKT and deer will see this is far more about the city's image than about the Cats or about a mountain location drawing in more people from southern Ontario, which it would compared with the west harbour I agree. But that is not the real issue boys. The Cats at west harbour will still draw the true fans and even other fans that the current stadium can't. Hopefully because the west harbourfront isn't the best location for the Cats for revenue generation, they will get a huge break on rent. And that is good. It just means we get a stadium not quite as posh as being on the mountain but who cares. It'll be better than sliver invested wooden bench magic marker rinky dink high school that IWS is. Bench seating with aluminum benches in some parts like the end zones or near the end zones with real numbers no problem but right now IWS is not what the doctor ordered for a pro team despite how much I love the stadium watching games there.

Nope Earl. I hate new stadia and arenas. I love the old buildings with history. As for a hole. We are trading one for another IMO. I know IWS is not picturesque but its actually in a better neighbourhood than Rheem. That said, lets hope that things change downtown and the Stadium isn’t an another ad for everything that is wrong with Hamilton for visiting fans. In fact lets do what we can to make sure that this site works even if we don’t agree that it WAS the best choice

So AKT, would I be right in assuming that the harbour site is not your first choice? Like many psychologists have suggested in the past, you have to learn to let it go. There are people involved here who are wiser than Sam Merulla and Brad Clark. Surely you recall that Clark's government sold the 407 highway for political expediency and Sam Merulla is just plain Sam. He and Margaret McCarthy vote against everything all the time. Not to suggest that you are a negative influence on this site but hey if the shoe fits, wear it. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy who used to live in the "ghetto")

Look AKT, the west harbour is a middle of the road decision between what could be huge out on the mountain or Red Hill, Waterdown etc. vs. the same old in the steel area where IWS is. Compromises don't always offer the best solution. This is not much better for the Cats than IWS, I certainly agree with that and most do. Private funding will be limited with this location and I think the city knows that. This is the one site the Cats feared the most the city would choose, I agree.

But it's THE most gutsy decision for the city and I think that's a given. There are all sorts of potential problems with the west harbour location right up to the point this project may never see the light of day in this location. I agree with that. City council is out on their own on this one with the Cats in the end being able to say "I told you". If it works out that the Cats aren't supported well at west harbourfront with a decent team from year to year.

Pat, I don't think AKT is negative or deer or anyone that hates the west harbour location. These guys bring excellent points. All I'm saying is that they are too limited in their perspective on the entire situation involved. Let's face it, the CFL is not the main factor here because there are views the league won't last in the long run, god forbid. I think the city made the right choice in picking what they think is the best site for their needs as a city, TiCats or no TiCats.

In the end, I'm excited because we are getting a new facility in what I consider a gorgeous part of town that I enjoy now, just another reason to keep going there. Those that don't want to go there, have that option. I don't care about tailgating myself, not at all. Even though it's a big thing with a lot of folks.

Apparently Pat, you have chosen to ignore what I've written about having accepted the decision and now is the time to try to make it work. I know yo aren't illiterate because you can WRITE quite well. I am guessing your comprehension is fine too but you chose to paint the picture you want to see instead of the one being presented. Time for some old guy to move on I'm afraid

This old guy isn't going anywhere, so get used to it! :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7 who used to live in the "ghetto")

Time for you to move on Earl. I've accepted the site selection. Time to make it work. Rheem has always been my number 2. IWS was never an option. Confederation Park was and wasn't picked. Time to go to the NEXT step. There are issues to resolve. Lets quit ignoring them and address them before the stadium becomes an unworkable failure

Fine, just stick to posting stuff that isn't a potshot at me . You do it poorly :lol:

I've moved on AKT. I feel a bit bad for the Cats in some ways with this site and it won't be a real "rusher" type of thing with the younger tailgating fan who will look at this and say I'm not going, the fan who cares about getting sloshed more than the game but can bring money to the game. :frowning:

But there will be a new stadium in a part of town I love. My support goes for the city and the Cats. I'm thrilled to be honest but selfish in saying that.