The Weekly Say: Who should be a CFL All-Star?

TORONTO — The CFL unveiled its All-Star fan vote on Monday, giving fans a chance to help choose this year’s All-Star team.

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for All star at QB, my pick would likely be Collaros, unless Rourke has a miracle comeback.

but for MOP my pick is Rourke even with only nine games played and it’s not even close. the multiple reasons why are here in this thread here:

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IMO Rourke should get it but won't. Because it's only 9 games. I can't disagree though should Collaros get it. And that's not because of the Bomber record. As much as there are those who talk about team wins, it's just that - a team stat. Individual stats are what decides individual awards. And Rourke, as mentioned above, was in elite territory before the injury. One more reason - his QBR after 9 games was insane. :sunglasses:


Is this an All- Star team or is this just 10 guy's voted in a All- Stars. If it is a team then why not vote for 12 on offensive and 12 on defense plus a punter and kicker and returner. This would make an All- Star team and there are lots to pick from. I'm a Ticat fan but that doesn't mean that I'm biased. For instance Would be (shudder) John Haggerty of the Argos while my two offensive tackles would both come from Winnipeg. You could have three Mike's at linebacker.