The Weekly Say: MOP picks, top pre-season storylines

TORONTO — From the Saskatchewan Roughriders chasing the chance to play for a Grey Cup at home, to a complete rebuild finally rolling out on the field in Ottawa, there’s no shortage of intriguing storylines in front of us as we look at the 2022 CFL season.

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A rookie Canadian QB in a starting lineup is such a cool prospect so I'm very excited to (hopefully) see Nathan Rourke get the start for BC. However, definitely agree that Ottawa and Edmonton will be also interesting to watch as they try and rebuild after some disappointing seasons.

As for the MOP, my gut says it's going to be another good year for the Bombers (although my Ticats heart hopes that someone in the Hammer gets some love!) However, I feel like it could be a good year for MBT - he's been such a solid performer but hasn't had the strong team to support him over the last few seasons. Now that he's in the starting role and has an improved roster to back him up, I think this could be the year he really makes a splash on the league.

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MOP picks in preseason. How stupid is that?