The Weekly Say: Making our All-Star picks

TORONTO — With the CFL’s All-Star fan vote now open, there are some difficult choices to be made.

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Don Landry: Brady Oliveira. Not only is he the top back in the league this season, he might be the Bombers’ MOP.

I couldn’t agree more on both counts. With all due respect to the likes of Kevin Brown and AJ Ouellette, Oliveira has, with very few exceptions, torn up the field all season long in an almost sadistic style of attack that few if any can duplicate. As for Bomber MOP, he’s a lock IMHO. Collaros is having another good year of course, but Brady is usually the one player that all the fans and writers are talking about after each game, more so than Collaros or anyone else on the team this season. Collaros can come away with a win after multiple turnovers in a game, but it seems to me that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers go as Brady Oliveira goes…Check the numbers.