the week from hell

First watching Edmonton win. Then watching BC somehow win that game. What were the Argos thinking? Why didn't they run on 2nd and 2? That Robertson is a really good back and with 1 more 1st down they might have won the game. Hope our luck changes on Sunday.

The Week from Hell? . . . :roll:

I think that is a bit of an overstatement.

So BC and Edmonton won. It would not be much different if Toronto and Calgary won.

Don't worry about what the other teams are doing.

The Toronto and Calgary loss has nothing to with the Roughriders' "luck" this Sunday.

I never cheer for Edmonton. And I will never forget BC taunting us after the playoff game last year. If you were there you saw them standing on the bench the last 2 minutes. When BC and Edmonton play I cheer for a tie. Even with Richie Hall over there. Calgary? After we beat Henry in the 2007 in the playoffs, all was forgiven. :lol:

I cannot even remember why I started hating Burris in the first place.
But one thing is for sure . . . Burris will never be forgiven for doing whatever it was that made me dislike him . . . NEVER! :lol: