The weather this Fri. in Hamilton

Has anyone noticed that since "bob" our "caretaker" has taken over we have had good weather for every home game?

I'm a little nervous that that streak may come to an end this Friday...Don't get me wrong...we will be there rain or shine!

Scott Park will see visitors from BC, Ottawa and Baltimore for the tailgate! Let's hope we can continue with the good weather and better still...a good game and a Ticat "WIN"!

The weatherman plans to cooperate, and the streak will continue, Woody. 30 degrees, partly cloudy with only a 30% chance of rain according to the Weather Network.

Well that sounds like 70% chance of no rain :lol:

I like those odds! :rockin:

It hasn't rained on me in the 6 years that I've owned season tickets or the four-pack thingy that I had before. That's pretty impressive.

edit: clarification: 4 years of season tickets, 2 years of flex-pack

Well, I hear there'll be a storm and lots of hot air moving down from the north-east.

Oh wait, that'll just be us from Renegade Nation. :lol: 8) :cowboy:

Is Loyal Lou coming for sure? Anybody else with him from Md?

I can't wait :smiley: :thup:

It CAN'T rain--I'm coming in from Kingston for this one. It'll probably be the only game for me at Ivor Wynne this season (and I'm bringing a friend who's visiting from Saskatoon)! I'm really hoping for nice weather.

I have a lot of connections up there I'll see what I can do!! :wink:

Yup..that's the latest that I've heard! It's going to be nice putting faces to the names of so many we have chatted with! :thup:

Hey, what'cha trying to do? Jinx the streak? When a pitcher is throwing a perfect game the last thing you do is mention it.

Let's just keep this little secret to ourselves. K?

How is it a jinx to say that every Ticat home game since Bob Young bought the team has resulted in perfect weather for every home game?