The weather and the Grey Cup

According to Edmonton will " warm up " to 8 degrees on sunday. Its a good thing that the game was not played last week when the temp was -17 degrees. Its really about time that the GC game should be limited for play in Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal- all have covered stadiums. The cold weather and wind could be the factor in what team wins the game. With all the oil revenues in the West, that locality should not be granted the Grey cup until they use their immense wealth to erect a covered stadium.

Eight (8) ?

I saw this morning the predicted high was -6 for Sunday.

1 tomorrow and 1 for Friday.

....I don't know where +8 came from either...maybe the league intends to give everyone a bowl full of baked beans as they enter the stadium...

My sister tells me it'll be much warmer too. Maybe they're expecting a chinook.

well all I know for sure according to

Environment Canada is

tonight it'll be -21 but by morning it'll be -7

and then the high for Thursday is +1 and now it's to be 0 on Friday

and then -4 for both Saturday and Sunday

On the weather network it is -6. I would expect that to drop to -10.

As far as playing the Grey Cup indoors, I disagree.

#1 every city should have a chance to host the Grey Cup, not only for revenue, but to promote the CFL in their city.

#2 The other 2 sets of play-offs are played in the elements (if played in a non-domed city). The cold weather and wind are factors in those games. Why should the Grey Cup be special? Or should we move all games in November when it might be cold to Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal?

#3 This is Canada, yeah it's cold, dress warm.

The weather factor is a part of our game, and always has been. The players man up to the cold and still put on a great show. And I wouldn't fret about the temperature been -10. It could be a whole lot worse.

I don't think it is necessary at all for all teams to build a domed stadium. But I wouldn't argue against building up the sides of the stadiums up to lessen the wind chill factor. I think if they want to make a stadium warmer for the players that would be the most practical solution.

Did they move the Grey Cup to Calgary? I ask because Edmonton doesn’t get chinooks.

The weather network is predicting pretty much average temperatures for the end of November. That’s pretty good, I’ll take it.

On rare occasions perhaps? Looking forward to the Big “DANCE” non the less.

What ? I didn't think Calgary had Chinooks either I thought you could only find those in the rivers in BC? :roll:

Both cities can get chinooks. Calgary gets more because Chinooks tend to originate from the foothills, and Calgary is closer to said foothills.

Edmonton just goes from Cold to warm, and then stays warm.... :lol:

Whaaaat? I grew up in Edmonton. I’m telling you they they get chinooks. Not as many as Calgary, but they do get them. Many years I remember it being 20 degrees with no snow in January, if only for a few days. I also remember watching them blow in. It would go from, well you know what happens.

Picture of a chinook arch in Edmonton:

My error -8 was the sunday forecast.