The Weakest Link?

Who, or what is now the weakest link in the league financially

I think you kind of want us to say BC. :wink:

But whatever could have caused them to be the weakest link, Mr. B? Do you have a theory?

Without a doubt they are. Other than the CFLPA of course.

Why is Al Davis insisting on wrecking this team? Al one point O, ran his team into the ground until he died. Let's hope Al two point O sells way before then.

Lions will have new ownership soon enough. Just hope that Dennis Skulsky and or Wally Buono are not involved. David Braley is good at saving teams, but not good at running them for the long term. Well, it was not his fault that Bob Ackles passed away, but Lions have been going downhill since 2009.

But I doubt the BC Lions players feel they are "downhillers" which is what you imply with your above post, give your players some respect dude, sad if you're actually a true fan of the Lions. :o Wow!

"Downhill" is with respect to the Lions management. Lions averaged just over 20k fans last year. previous to that it was in the high 20,'s and before that in the low to mid 30's. This has all been said on, so i am not the only fan who feels this way. Your from Hamilton so you have no clue dude about what is going on with the Lions.

Is Braley "that bad" to disrespect your own team like that? Wow, sad bunch of fans out there in the rainy west coast I'd say, pouters. Before you know it you'll be blaming your nice stadium if the Lions suck this year. :smiley:

Hey, most Oilers fans hate Katz but they do really support a team that hasn't been very good for a lot of years. I guess that's not how you operate there though.

Why didn't someone from BC own the Lions when they were available but you had to rely on an easterner to bail the team out? Sad BC, sad BC.

Yeah and a few years back Hamilton fans were whining about there losing team, remember that? and there still whining.. but about other teams fans now :lol:

David B has bailed out 3 teams when no one else would.

He should get credit for that. If people like DB do not step up, then we get guys like the Gliebermans coming in .
You know how that story ended.

As for Bungle, he lives in Vancouver but I think he is a Bombers fan. If I remember correct.

I doubt bungle know who she is a fan of

Well I have to sheepishly admit I might be in that boat, maybe have always been in that boat, while living in Hamilton and having seasons for a few years with the Cats but still with my team I grew up in my heart as the Argos. I'm a bit torn still, double personality maybe. :o

The PA by a landslide

I can't watch this without lmao

The weakest link is the best. Please anything but Halifax farce

I laughed....but then I cried.... :cry:

Before you start chirping about another cities fans, you may want to note that Hamilton apparently can only support 24,000 fans with one of the smallest football stadiums in pro sports. The Lions fans (and I'm obviously not one) are great fans, and their attendance will come back once they boot Braley to the curb.

Hamilton's stadium is a great stadium and has a lot of luxury suites with a variety of higher-end services. And on an iconic site of where football has been played in Hamilton for many decades.

Anyways, more hate towards Braley, I don't get it. :roll:

Braley has single handle devalued the franchise value of the Lions by atleast 60 percent. He could have sold the team back in 2011 for 30 million. Nowadays he franchise would be lucky to be worth 10.

Braley did absolutely ZERO for the Argonauts other than stuff his pockets like a greedy swine.

The ONLY reason the guy took over the Argos is because he knew he'd get the 100th Grey Cup - - and be able to get an unprecedented handout from his government friends of $10 MILLION.

Did the Gliebermans ever eliminate the team's marketing department?