The way we lost

I think most of the angst the fans are feeling is due to the way we lost rather than the 0-2 start. If the team had played any type of entertaining football but lost on a couple of late field goals, the fans wouldn't be in this early panic mode. What I will find interesting is how long MB will have before this becomes a problem.. Greg Marshall was dismissed after going 0-4 in his last season, so I wonder if another ex-CIS coach will get much more before he is shown the door. Absolute worst thing for this team was to blow out the Als in pre-season, as that set unrealistic expectations. That being said, the team has bady underperformed. Really miss Barker on special teams, Mariuz as well. Shivers should have had a pick in the endzone early and allowed the ball to be knocked away. IMHO, that set the tone for the whole game, THEY WANTED IT MORE!!!

Marshall started 0-4 after a 5-13 the circumstances are a little different.

Me too.

This sitting Barker is so bizarre. I wish I understood what that is about. People wonder why the Ticats can't develop talent like the Montreal's and Riders...Montreal didn't sit Emry after he started his first season or Fantuz or Proux. Palardy, Marcoux, Bekasiak now Barker. You can't build anything like that you just can't.

Barker really is hurt right now, he hasn't even practised.