The way too early Power Rankings are in

TORONTO — It’s been quite some time since the Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ hoisted the Grey Cup and snapped their dry spell at the end of the 2019 season. Who knew that when the confetti fell at McMahon Stadium, we wouldn’t see another down of CFL football for over a year.

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You gotta rank us with an asterisk. We Bombers fly out of the starting blocks and win our first five games every year, suffer a catastrophic injury at quarterback, limp our way through the middle of the season and then live or die with whoever comes out of the infirmary at the end. If we wrap Zach in bubble wrap from day one and slap a 'this end up' sticker on his forehead you guys can pin a number on us. Otherwise we're gonna float all over the place.

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Would have exchanged Lions are Argos. Argos made significant improvements, altough most of them will have to be replaced sooner than later. I agree about the doubts with Arbuckle and Dinwiddie, but I'm less concerned for Toronto than for BC. I'm not convinced that the offensive line will suddently be able to protect Reilly. Changing the coach will help, as it happend with Montreal in 2019, OL players of BC don't impress me.

Only Buck Pierce took more punishment in his career at quarterback. Is it too late for Reilly to negotiate 'hazard pay'?

Ryker Matthews is a big upgrade to their oline. Will it help turn the tide for BC? Who knows, as the title states, way too early power rankings.

I truly believe that it is even more impossible this season to discuss power rankings this early after a missed season. Every Vet player has had over a year to heal properly and get into their best shape. All the Teams have rebuild their squads, and in a lot of teams their coaching staff have made changes. The teams that excel this season will be the ones that leave the starting block the fastest and win the most games in the 1st half of the season. Injuries will sort out the cream in the 2nd half (as always). Just my opinion though.