The way this season is going....

... the only "W" the Bombers will see is the one on their helmets!! :lol: :lol:

At least be funny. You can do better! Rider fans should be able to relate, 3 cups in 80 years.


What makes you think he was trying to be funny?? :wink:

Riders still the most futile franchise in league history, so I know he is not throwing stones. It would be like Greece telling Canada to watch our spending !

15 is a lot games to go but have your fun now.

Oh, come on, that’s freakin’ hilarious!! Unless you’re a Bomber fan… Oh, right.

:wink: :thup: :rockin:

Unless you have something constructive to add to a conversation, SSK lads, please keep this kind of talk out of individual team forums. Refer to the forum guidelines if you're fuzzy about protocol. Thanks.

You heard the lady gentlemen, I suggest you take her advice, thanks j.

We need more lady gentlemen on this forum.

LOL I see what you did there...

Commas are wonderful things. :slight_smile:

Sticks and stones, bring it on, we can take it.

I’m still wondering what that big “S” stands for.

haha, the "Big S"

dont most of us do that in the mornings?

God knows after watching the bombers this year so far, you pretty much need too.

I wonder what catch phrase you'll adopt after you start another winning season, because swaggerville is a ghost town. Maybe this year you can be saggerville and next year maybe hoperville. Really, doesn't it all seem a little ridiculous with one good season? Montreal has been good last 10years and no catch phrase, hmmmmmmmm!

The fans didn't choose it, the players did and raised some good money for charity, now don't you look foolish, now buzz off before I lose what is left of my patience with you guys.

Didn't ask who created it, you adopted it! Truth always stings, buzzzzzzzz!

3 wins and already poking around...

Every time I watch this. It makes me smile.