The way it should be...

It is currently 26°C in Montreal, and the sun shines bright in the middle of a blue sky. A fresh breeze counterbalances the heat bouncing off the numerous buildings downtown.

In moments from now, I will be sitting in a microbrewry, as usual, with my football partner MartyMix next to a windows giving on Ste.Catherine Street, where gorgeous women flock to attend 5 @ 7 parties...

A few cold later, we'll move up the hill, sit in a beautiful openskied stadium (Marty's turn to get the retard!) and get to see two division leaders go head to head in a battle to the finish, as the sun will slowly go down on the metropolis.

And that's just the way a summer evening should be...

Good game y'all!

Say "Hi" to Dan Marino for me.....have fun, Turd! I'll be watching on the tube....just not the same.....

You're jealous you can't watch the gorgeous women flock to their parties? :wink:

lol - hardly.....I was thinking more along the lines of watching the game.....

I am off to the cottage this weekend.........thank God for satellite TV.....everyone have a safe and happy LD long weekend.....HeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaw.

Sweet .... have fun Turd Sr.!


Roar Lions

Have fun Third... Remember to heckle Barrin Miles!

Wait wait for a second there, Third, "Marty's turn to get the retard"?!? I think this is the question on everyone's minds: What the hell is KK doing in Montréal at this time of year?

Ouch…low blow!

I loved the story Thirdnten, Best of the West vs The wounded beast from the East...which is bleeding like a stuck pig...good luck Montreal..

Honestly, a fine romanticism.

Too bad you'll be enjoying it with only 20,000 others. A small crowd by even Hamilton's standards......then again, there are the moon and the stars, maybe even a unicorn.

I don’t know about the unicorn, but it appears we’ve had our first encounter with a troll this evening.

sounds like a perfect night for football in montreal

its a shame that the lions will dominate montreal and ruin the whole nights festivities.

BC 45- Montreal 23

A great LD Weekend to all! :rockin:

Aww, lucky you. . . I get to prance around in a bear costume for a couple hours before going to the game. Somehow, it doesn't seem the same. . .

And for anyone who will be at the pre-game festivities in Regina on Sunday, if you see someone called "Telemiracle Teddy", Please don't tackle him. . .

...score was a little out there...legend....but you had it the way it went down... :wink:

Too bad it wasn't much of a game, but I hope you had fun thrid.

BTW, I would say how I think things should be in keeping with the title, but BB and Mongo would shoot me, so I'll play it safe and say it on my myspace blog.

Hmmmmm.... The beer was cold and refreshing... The women were there.... They were soooooo there... The weather stayed perfect... The retard stayed quiet...

And still, something wasn't quite right. Who dared to not pull its weight in that perfect summer evening?

Oh... right... the Als...


I must say, at least, that Nealon Greene was there to make us laugh. What a clown.

We got to highfive twice thank to his two interceptions. Man, do we love to hate him... That was the fun part of the game...

What about that great touchdown dance that that insignificant guy did for you ? No laughs out of that? That had to be fun.