The way I see the CFL

  1. Saskatchewan ----- Specialty team coach: "Hmmm…now lemmee see….. Ummmm….10, 11, 12, 13…….oh oh….TIME OUT. TIME OUT!!!?
    2 - BC ------ Their O LINE: Hi my name’s Angus Reid. Hi Angus my name’s Mike. I’m from Laurier High. Yeah, I’m John and this here is Ralph…we’re from Gibbons Senior High. And that’s Pete, this is his first pro game.
    3 - Calgary --- Rambo talking to the opposition: “You’re the disease and I’m the cure!?
    4 - Edmonton ---- The coach before game: "Remember Fred, when we hang onto the ball and not fumble it we get to keep it for another set of downs."
    5 - Winnipeg ---- "Buck’s our QB? When did this happen?"
    6 - Hamilton --- "Man….things were working okay last year!"
    7 - Toronto --- The coach talking to his players: “ I HAVE A DREAM!?
    8 - Montreal --- Duval to his coach: “ Between the uprights Duval. Between them man!?

Might I add to the title “…in the Future” - say, in 2015? The West: BC Lions, Edmonton Exkimos, Calgary Stampeders, Saskatchewan Roughriders, and Winnipeg Bluebombers. The East: Toronto Argonauts, Hamilton Tigercats, Montreal Allouettes, Ottawa Roughriders, and Moncton Marauders. All Candian, 10 teams, no cross-overs, more nationally-represented. I think it would inspire more and more interest, corporate sponsorship and national pride. Come on Mr. Cohan - make it happen!

Victoria Hyaks
Red deer Rebels
Saskatoon Berries.