the way i see it

i will admit im frustrated confused and ashamed of the way this season has gone HOWEVER all the talk fire the coaches cut the players etc etc what are the answers i dunno but i know we cant get rid of all the players and coaches and feild a brand new team. In defense of creehan its his job todo his job in practise and on the feild but he cant go out and make the plays just like cortez cant go out and throw and catch the ball. This team doesnt look like theres any cohesivness when they play the confidence is gone. And without confidence just like anyone else in life you got big problems. Its the players job to fight through this and get the confidence back when thats back all of a sudden good things will start to happen.

While I may not agree with all the decisions made this season, surely a lack of consistency is a problem.

This team has cut loose many coaches, some of whom have gone on to succeed elsewhere.

It is my opinion that while there are some personnel changes coming, I believe the coaching staff (and particularly Casey Creehan) should be left in place for the balance of the season. They all are in relatively new positions and as such, growing pains are inevitable. After the season and the dust settles, they can do a proper post-mortem and adjust coaching and front office staff accordingly with clear eyes.


Some interesting comments on our coaches today. I think the Hubris heading is bang on. Cortez hasn’t delegated well. Team said Cortez missed throwing the challenge flag because spotters called him on the Defence channel while headphones were tuned to offence channel. We were playing D at the time. That tells me he was busy being O-Coordinator instead of head coach. Bad choice to do 2 jobs in rookie year. But rookie’s (even 60 yr old rookies) make mistakes.

What bothers me more than anything is that Montreal, BC, Calg, Edm are consistently competitive, and we have trouble playing 2 seasons in a row of .500 football. Those teams maintain continuity in the coaching staff, and those coaches tend to maintain player continuity. We change all our coaches every 2-3 years, and are hard pressed to field 5 players that have been with the team more than 3 or 4 years.

When was the last time we had dynasties? The 1950s and 60s. We had only 3 coaches (Voyles, Trimble, Sazio) thru most of that era, and Sazio continued as GM. Pretty good core group of players that lasted 5-10 years. Even in the '80s, we stuck with Al Bruno, despite many mediocre seasons, and went to Grey Cup 3 yrs in a row and 5 times that decade.

We can’t keep blowing it up every time we lose (as frustrating as that is), that is what we did after last year, what we did after Dunnigan got hurt in '96 and we were left with a near rookie Calvillo, what we did after Darren Flutie retired and suddenly McManus was apparently a bum. Look where we are after blowing it up every 2-3 yrs.

I prob would have given Bellefueille another year, seen what he could do with Burris and Fantuz, but that is irrelevant now. Cortez signed for 4 years . Unfortunately he signed very late so most assistants were already under contract. Assuming Bob Young doesn’t want to pay him to sit at home for 3 years, he’ll probably be back and he’ll probably want to assemble “his” coaches this time. More changes, more learning, more continuity issues.

I’m not very hopeful that we can count on the coaches to turn around the season. But Cobourne, Burris, Fantuz, Stala, Rey Williams, JJ, Knowlton, I hope they have something to say to fix this season, I hope Cortez listens to them - rookie coaches can learn from vets. And I hope most of those vets are back next yr.

Cortez comes across as an arrogant know-it-all. He'll never listen to or respect the veterans you mentioned since he's benched half of them for parts of the season.

Wasn't Burris acquired as bait for Cortez? Bellefeuille was already gone I believe.

Bellefueille was gone before Burris signed. Kevin Glenn who is a decent QB, i just think Burris is a little better, and might have gotten us a few extra wins under Marcel, he'd be tougher to stop in a playoff game given his scrambling ability, and i think he'd run with the season on the line. He's gonna have to run next week to get this team kick started.

I would hardly say Edmonton has continuity in coaching. They've been through a few coaches in recent years and how many OC's has Ray had?

The thing that worries me is how many vets is Cortex going to deem expandable in the offseason? He has no respect for them and I get the feeling he will release quite a few of them in order to make a point and then start all over, ruining this team right into the ground, destroying everything we've worked for the past three years. I hope to see him go before this happens if it does, but I doubt it.

It's all about the defense.

A couple more stops this year, and we are 6-4. In the first 4 of our 5 straight loses, we were either tied or had the lead with less than 3 minutes left. No matter how bad the offense or defense had played to that point, 1 measley stop was all we needed for a win (in 2 of the games) or the chance to drive for a winning field goal (the other 2 games)

The question is, is it the players or the coach? I do think we need to change up some players (mostly the dline) but I feel that it's more the coaching. Our defense gets run on every game, bad. This can easily be fixed by scheming to stop the run first and make teams beat you over the top. By putting more guys up in the box, you clog the line and middle of the field and it's very tough to get a running game going. With an extra guy or two in the box, you also have another guy who can rush the passer and or blitz to get more pressure. This is pure high school football defense. Our defense looks like Pop Warner right now.

i think they should hire a tackling coach for the defense cuz you cant stop someone with one arm tackling


alan: Well said. :thup:

The offence is nor perfect but it is putting enough points on the board to win....if only the defence was not so darned porous.
Creehan's defence seems in disarray sometimes. His players either don't know what they are supposed to be doing.....or they do and at odds with his schemes. Or lack of.
Once this defence becomes effective I think we can become a very competitive team but we are running out of time for this season.
Re: Scott Mitchell's comments....of course he never mentions Creehan. To criticize his own coaching staff would be criticizing his own management of the team. It's much easier to blame the players.
The problem to me is that the defence is not motivated and that problem falls squarely on the shoulders of Creehan and ultimately George Cortez.
Good luck to Brandon Peguese..the latest defensive addition. He probably doesn't know yet how much of a load he will be expected to carry.

Do good coaches make good players or do good players make for good coaches. To be successful in the CFL you need a good QB and an excellent defense.

I cannot recall the last time the Cats had a defense I would be proud of. A good defense should ensure the team wins the time of possession game, give the offense good field position shut the other team down when the Cats are in the lead. Teams that have players leading the league in tackles generally have poor defense.

Yeah around '98 - '00 was the last time we had a defense I could be proud of. Obviously the days of Montford (pronounced Mumferd by Glen Suitor), Vaughn, and Hitchcock et. al. lighting up WR's and Olines all game and always helping our O with field position are things I miss the most in Ticat land :frowning:

Somewhat related to your question....I've heard many a sportscaster, commentator, "expert" etc say that coaches receive far too much credit for successful teams and far too much blame for bad teams.

Yes and don't forget special teams. In my opinion, an excellent defense starts with at least one dominating defensive lineman - the type that will draw a double team on most plays.

When was the last time the Ti-Cats had a dominating defensive lineman (Montford?). Start there.

Yes and don't forget special teams. In my opinion, an excellent defense starts with at least one dominating defensive lineman - the type that will draw a double team on most plays.

When was the last time the Ti-Cats had a dominating defensive lineman (Montford?). Start there.