"The Wave"

anyone else feel the wave was the most exciting thing at the game last week ???


how many times did it go all the way around the stadium? felt like 10 or sumtin like that
cuz all of us ticat fans were trying to entertain ourselves

I think it was going for around a good 5 - 10 mins


It interferes with watching the game.

The most exciting part was the second flyby by the CF-18s. That was spectacular!

I am a huge fan of having a good time at the stadium, and it is great to get people involved with "the wave."

But was I the only one bothered by the fact that people were having so much fun while the team got embarrassed on the field?

I guess I just hate losing to the ____s so much that I become a poor sport!

There are my two cents! And you didn't even ask for them!

  • paul

Didn't look like much of a game to me.

No, but I still wanted to see what Chang and Williams could do.

10 times around?? That's rookie effect!

Some years back when the wave first struck sports venues (1972? 1982? not sure, my date memory serves me poorly) a wave was performed by a full house at a Tiger Cat Game. (possibly Labour Day) Lead by a boisterous count by the PA announcer that day, the final tally met the goal of 50, yes 50, waves around the joint. Not sure if it has ever been matched anywhere.

Cats won the game.

Pretty sure that was in the mid-90s and it went around 55 times.

Yeah I think it was against Edmonton I believe, something like 53, 55, or 57 times. I remember because I was supposed to go to the game and didn't make it. And my friend had his ticket in a little plastic holder noting "the Wave" record they set that night.

  • paul "I only do the wave when we are winning" edwards

Hamilton has got to be the only city (perhaps in the world) who still does this feeble expression of excitement. :roll:

Mid 90's?


55 laps?

Not Labour day?

LOL! Well my wife has always told me she doesn't let a few wrong facts get in the way of a good story.

Mid 90's, eh? Geez, that was about 30 years after the last time fans got to tear down the wooden goal posts when Hamilton won the eastern final.

The wave was finely executed at the recent Whitehorse Canada Winter Games.

take that!

yea the second fly by was pretty cool it was so loud

The wave went around 55 times that night. The scoreboard announced it was a North American record. I've wondered ever since if there's a world record for the wave, and if so, how many times did it go around?

Hamilton has got to be the only city (perhaps in the world) who still does this feeble expression of excitement.
naw it happens at skydome at pretty much every jays game ive been too. on kids day it went around like 1357 times.

be a good idea for management to do a “wave” night… see if we can beat that old record of 55

Beating that record would be tough, 55 times around took a good long time. It even kept going despite big plays, after about 20 times around it kind of took on a life of its own though and people kept it up despite what was happening on the field.

Please let the Wave die a natural death! It is annoying, along with beach balls (for crying out loud they are called "Beach Balls for a reason) and umbrellas (ever hear of rain gear). The only thing more annoying is the guy infront of me who yells at everything the Cats try to do and has the knowledge to yell " NO Yards No Yards" on kickoffs.