the Waterboy

heres hoping things go well at camp,now that Vince showed up with the water bottles.Go Vince Go!!!!! the best darn waterboy in the C.F.L

Why not start a fan club for Vince?

Just don't say medulla oblongata :lol:

better than a fan club,how about Vince be elected to replace Pigskin,he could be known as the Vincinator,Oski-vin-vin.Oski water !Holy Vincenaw TIGERS EAT EM RAW!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin:

hey i thought i was the best waterboy,fan club for Dylan?any taker's? :wink: .

No Body is as good as Dylan Serving High Quality H20
ask the guys on the Field they will tell you

Who's Vince? And Dylan? Waterboys?

[url=] ... ets190.jpg[/url]

This is Dylan

hey Onknight,any chance of you snapping a pic of Vince? :thup: :rockin:

I'm in!! (as long as there's no fee to join) :wink:

HAHAHA thats awesome! :slight_smile:

ROTFLMAO,Onknight!!!! Looks like Vince has been spending to much time at the buffet table,he could be our entire offensive line !!! :rockin: :cowboy: