The Waggle: Mid-Season All-Stars

TORONTO — We have passed the midway point of the 2022 CFL regular season, and it certainly feels like it has flown by. The season has been filled with plenty of exciting finishes, highlight-reel plays and All-Star worthy performances from coast-to-coast.

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Not sure I agree with the Bomber selections. Kolankoski has done admirably, but he's back to depth once Couture comes back. This group is still led by Bryant & Hardrick.
The Rose selection made me go hmmmm as most Bomber fans know he hasn't had a great year and has been burnt many times. He's still a good DB, but Nichols has been better and I'd say Houston was having a great run before he just got hurt.


More or less what I was thinking. Rose had a couple of terrible games early and got beaten badly again last game. It is rare to see a throw to whomever Nichols is covering. In my opinion he is the best cover guy in the league.

Andrew Harris has been a Horrible Terrible Total Bust for the Argos and this writer pegs him as an All-Star ??????
Seriously dude - did you watch him play this year? = Struggled to get 20 YARDS for an ENTIRE game numerously !!!!
And could not get 1 yard sneaks either - Sheesh !!
100% BUST - as are Banks and J Davis also for the Argos in 2022.
Does not help that MacBeth is horrendous either.

How is Pete Robertson not in the discussion for Dline The man has been an absolute menace to QBs and has twice the sacks jefferson does while playing less games

For once I have to agree with you. Oliveila, Morrow and Carey respectfully have more rushing yards than Harris. Of those 4 RBs Carey's average exceeds the others with 6.42 yards per carry for 83 carries but has been out for a month, Carey also leads all of the other 3 with 5 TDs, while Harris has 0 TDs.
I thought maybe the Writer picked Harris because he is a national, but that leaves out Oliveila who is also a Canadian.
I have run out of reasons why Harris was selected over any other RB.

Further proof that the waggle is NOT the official podcast of the CFL but the official podcast of the Toronto Argonauts. Harris has failed to run for more than 50 yards in 5 of 8 games. I can think of only a few reason why they would put Harris on this list:

  1. The guys on the waggle do not watch any games outside the Eastern time zone. Those games in the west run late and they have to get up early in the morning.

  2. Henoc knows that giving Harris the kind of money the Argos gave him was a boneheaded move. Argos took a high risk and got burnt. Henoc is trying to justify his team's bad management.

  3. They were asked to write this article and forgot about it until 10 minutes before the deadline. Harris was the first name that popped into their heads so they ran with it without considering anyone else.

For my money, it is Ka'Deem Carey followed by Morrow then Oliveira. How can you argue against his 6.4 yard average and 5 TDs?

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It's now October and Rose still isn't up to snuff... sure he has a pile of tackles but counting tackles after the receiver has caught the ball and made the first down or more is pretty much pointless. To measure the true worth of a DB keep track of the knockdowns and interceptions.... which Rose is nowhere near what he had in 2019. Personally, I'd be looking for a new DB for next season.