The Waggle - CFL Commissioner talks league Expansion

Recap of Randy Ambrosie Interview with The Waggle

Full Video here:

  • Ambrosie says he would grade the 2024 CFL Season an A on the field and an A off the field.
  • TV Ratings went up significantly (34% increase)
  • General attendance success has gone up across almost every category they track
  • He believes now we have to do something with this momentum
  • Off the field, they want to focus on execution. Don’t change what we’re doing but take the foundation we’ve created and execute execute execute

  • A specific aspect of the 2025 season that excites him is the CFL Combine being held in Winnipeg
  • He is looking forward to the GC rematch in Week 1 and going to Victoria for Touchdown Pacific
  • Further, he mentioned that Going to BC Place for the Grey Cup this year is going to be a special event

  • Expansion is a priority for him. He embraces it and believes there is an opportunity for expansion
  • Not giving up on Atlantic Canada but needs to be realistic. He thinks the region needs to find a way to pull the CFL in if it’s in the cards.
  • They are building a plan to have conversations regarding expansion into Quebec City. Great football culture in QC.
  • Going to measure twice and cut once approach with expansion into QC.
  • Conversations are happening to other markets (2 unsolicited conversations from Canadian Cities who want a “Touchdown” Game to be played there.

  • On Rule Changes, He thinks the 1-yard punt is a core part of what the CFL is. The fans have a strong and important voice in our game and will continue to have a voice moving forward.
  • It’s going to come up in the Rules Committee this year, no doubt. The discussions on rules are the fun part of the offseason.
  • Going to look at the game. Wants to make some changes around the fringes heavily influenced by player safety.

  • Closes with “What we’ve got is special. I am excited about taking the league to the next level”

Just wanted to provide a summary of the video for those who don’t want to watch themselves. I think I got most of the big points. Feel free to share your thoughts and add anything I missed!


The haters will still call for him to resign … personally I see it as a positive … especially the “measure twice, cut once” approach.


Somebody has to do it
It may as well be him
Expansion to 10 teams is a must
He’s got to get it done some way some how


2024 season hasn’t happened yet so unless he is looking into a crystal ball it’s impossible to grade.

Then expansion won’t ever happen anywhere because no area will ever try to pull the CFL in. It’s a ridiculous statement to make.

Everybody has a plan until you get punched in the mouth. In the CFL’s case they can plan on having a conversation with people all they want. Talking doesn’t build stadiums or get people interested in the league. Actions speak louder than words.

All businesses have to change to adapt to society’s needs/wants etc. Newspapers had to put their columns online and businesses like “Blockbuster video” got crushed when people started streaming at home. CFL isn’t doing enough off the field and pretending that it’s 1960 and doing the bare minimum isn’t going to help them move forward.


Sorry it was regarding the 2023 season. My mistake