Well now Messam is gone too. Traded to the Stamps rumor has it we got a bag of popcorn for him.. :roll:

O'Day just proved he is not the one. Now we have to look forward to Messam and Cornish putting up massive yards against us.

Trade a NI running back for a 3rd round pick, a kicker and the rights to a negotoations list player. So we even give up more Canadian talent again. What a complete ****** joke.

Yup and Calgary has the two of the most dominating Canadian backs.

I'd heard rumors...didn't think it would happen.

Rider Nation is not going to forgive this one easily.

I'd heard he was unlikely to re-sign....if true it is a great trade

I guess Taman taught O-Day very well.

Considering that just a few weeks ago he was looking at property in Regina, I have my doubts that is true.

Then he just twittered this:

Just gonna enjoy the game and deal with life when it's over. #Bluejays #game5
Doesn't sound like something he is excited about.

Waiting for the inevitable McCallum release now....

Cornish is done. More neck injuries and will not play this week so they were in a bad spot at running back but ODay says no problem we will hand you the keys to our locker room and take the pick of anyone you want we will worry about what you give us back later.

I'm so disgusted right now words can not descibe it. This has the reek of a fire sale at its finest.

Just wait for the inevitable signing of Kory "I haven't played for two years" Sheets.

You trade our best rb to the team you hate and this is all you get for him? Why not trade Durant to them too so they can even disgrace us even more next year? Add Dressler too to the pot. What the heck.

I hope ODay is run out of town by an angry mob of Rider fans

It kind of is a firesale.

We got a National kicker to kick tires with. A third round pick we end up picking 19-22 overall..............we badly need that.

Messam at 30 as a RB...........they take a pounbding. Look at Cornish being sat this week. His days are numbered too.

dunno...what i had heard was that an offer was hanging and that because it was hanging and the fact the Messam was one of the only players to really get vocal in deference of CC while still HC that there was some nerves he might not stick around. Seems to have merit to be worried about to me. That said, i didn't think he would be traded.

If he is serious about Regina then he will collect his playoff money to put towards a house in town and be back in the spring.

if he had a year left on the contract and it wasn't a potential rental, then this would be a horrid deal. If it turns out to be a rental (I really hope it is) then this is a pretty big win. 31 year old free agent out for a pick and a player plus the potential of bringing him back in 2016 if they talked to him properly...not bad

I am also wondering if they have their eyes set on Andrew Harris for 2016 tbh

those that know - was he unrestricted at seasons end? If so he may have politily informed the Riders of his desire to attempt the NFL or move to another CFL team. If so then this is actually a great deal for the riders to get something vs nothing at all when he walks clean - And classy move by Messem to be open and honest with the Riders in that event so that they could get assets from the trade

to add a little more...oday showed a fair bit of savy with trading then trading that on deadline....that is pretty rare in the CFL. Worst case scenario here is that the team lost a solid player who was not an every down back and got a bunch younger going into a rebuild with a much needed draft pick after squandering so much. This trade could essentially drops 50 years off the team's total age for 2016...younger kicker...younger RB (or perhaps a wash)...younger QB...these are positives, and I am not an oday fan...but he gets a thumbs up from me today for sure. I am also not a massive fan of RBs being NI...especially when you have nothing behind them as it is such an injury prone position...I respect it, but probably would not be my first choice on where to place my NIs.

Harris is done too. No way I bring him in . way is he getting an NFL look or even glance at his age at RB. As Deanjo stated, he was apparently looking to settle in Regina, so I doubt he sought the trade out. The Stamps were hard up with Cornish potentially being injured...even though they say he is a o k. IMO this looks to be a high probability of a rental...will see where he lands next season.

are the riders contenders in Messam a realistic option at 32/33 into 2017...mehh

Personally...I agree. Like I said...not a big fan of one of the NI starter spots being RB...unless you are starting 8+