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Anyone else see this commercial? they know the secrets to winning a grey cup, kind of a strange commercial.

it's marketing.. plain and simple.. I thought it was good..

That was impressive, and classy to mention the Grey Cup.

Anybody remember the original V series? It had a smokin' hawt, mice eatin' alien leader.

Here is a link to, and the old V series:

Is this a CTV series? If so, smart cross-promotion to mention the Grey Cup, which is being broadcast by TSN, which is owned by CTV. They know that the Grey Cup is big to those who will be seeing that commercial; I don't expect you'll see it outside the context of a CFL game.

They showed that ad a number of times on the TigerVision at yesterday's game. I assume they'll be showing it in other stadiums as well.

It's actually an ABC series that CTV has picked up, starting Tuesday at 8:00. Watched the original series, will definately be watching this one. But what is really interesting with these commericials is that they are aimed at CFL fans to promote the new series. I suspect Bell/Globemedia is finally taking notice of the ratings and taking advantage of it...

what comercial, i missed it!!! help a guy out.

It's filmed in Vancouver with a mostly Canadian/U.S. cast, co-executive produced by a Canadian, and directed by a Canadian. I think the cutie in the promo is Brazilian Morena Baccarin.

whats it called?

It's called "V".

[url=] ... om-abcs-v/[/url]